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A Play By EMail game of PARANOIA.

A series of apparently unrelated citizen deaths and bot destructions have baffled the intrepid and oh-so-competent Internal Security Agents of WRC Sector. So My Friend And Yours, The Computer, does the best thing it knows to do: Send in the Troubleshooters! Yes, the Troubleshooters! Those brave heroes of Alpha Complex! If they can’t solve these murders and find the elusive link between them, then… someone else probably can.

The Computer, though, has the utmost confidence that this brave team of 6 RED Clearance (well, 4 RED and 2 ORANGE) Troubleshooters can complete this mission. In fact, It is so confident, that It, in Its infinite wisdom, has decided to broadcast the progress of the team LIVE on the PBEM Network, and is giving the team Its constant attention. With that kind of backing, they simply CANNOT fail… if they know what’s good for them.

That’s a wrap…

You have been watching the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders. No loyal citizens were harmed in the making of this program.


and FiredrakeMacFie as The GM

Thank you everyone, readers and players alike. It’s been a really fun game, and I’ll likely run another one day, and despite the rather nasty things that Bill-B had to say to everyone (Hey, it’s his job as debriefing officer), you’ve all been great!

Home Page

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