Name Phil-R-XYZ
Gender Male
Service Group Power Services (Internal Security)
Service Firm Type Circuit Maintenance
Service Firm Volts-R-Us
MBD Equipment Officer

  • Has a tendency to speak in the third person and to narrate his actions and the actions of others. I.E: Phil-R-XYZ says, “He glanced at the gathering of troubleshooters with a smile as he reached into his pocket for something, turning to look after Tom-B-DUM as he strode hurriedly from the scene with a combot close on his heels.”
  • Has a red sock puppet and he only speaks directly via the sock puppet who he calls Mr. Sock. Also repeats questions directed at him to his sock puppet who then speaks the answer. I.E “Tom-B-Bad says, “Citizen what are you doing with that grenade?” Phil-R-XYZ says, “As he glances from Tom-B-BAD to Mr. Sock, he asks: “Citizen what are you doing with that grenade?” to which Mr. Sock responds, in a strained and cracking high pitched voice: “I am holding it at the ready in case there are any signs of mutant commie traitors that need eliminating.”

Action Skills
Management 4 Stealth 10 Violence 8
Con Games 2 Security Systems 14 Energy Weapons 12
- - Concealment 14 Agility 12
- - Disguise 1 Vehicular Combat 1
- - Sneaking 14 - -
- - High Alert 1 - -
- - Shadowing 12 - -
Knowledge Skills
Hardware 10 Software 4 Wetware 4
Weapon and Armor Maintenance 14 - - - -
Nuclear Engineering 1 - - - -
Bot Ops and Maintenance 14 - - - -
Mechanical Engineering 1 - - - -
Habitat Engineering 14 - - - -
Chemical Engineering 1 - - - -

Mutation Push Mutant Powers
Registered? No
SecSoc Humanist
Degree 1

Secret Mission:

Greetings. We’ve arranged that you be assigned to a Troubleshooter mission. You should have received your notification by now. We have a task for you while you are on this mission. Hide the Humanist involvement in the crimes you’ll be sent to investigate. We are not the main culprits, but we did something for the ones who are. We do not wish to draw undue attention to ourselves and invite a crackdown on our activities, so you are to make sure that our involvement is not discovered, by whatever means necessary. Divert suspicion to another Society if you can. Success will be greatly rewarded, while failure will be equally punished.

Secret Skills
Uncommon Marital Arts 17
Unlikely Russian Language 15
Unhealthy Old Reckoning Cultures 16 Bribery 16

Power 15
Access 1

Assigned Items
1 Laser pistol body (no barrel) (R)
1 RED Reflec®
1 Series 1300 Personal Digital Companion (PDC) (R)
Personal Items
44 Credits
1 ME Card
1 Chainsaw®
1 Black Magic Marker (IR)
1 Hero of Our Complex award certificate
2 B3: Extra Classic®
2 CruncheeTym Algae Chips: Not Quite As Plain®
10 Tablets of Xanatrick (Wakey-Wakey) (IR)
10 Tablets of Visomorpain (Little Black Friend) (IR)
1 bottle of Qualine (EZ-DUZ-IT) (R)
5 PlastiLaser with realistic Zap noise! (R)
1 Hotorch®
1 Comb, red®
1 Gas Mask®
1 Brass knuckles®
1 Asbestos clothing (IR)
5 Laser Pistol Barrels®
1 Truncheon®
5 Grenades®
Treasonous Items
1 Asimov Circuit Disabler Device (point-n-click, 0.5 meter range)

Pachinko Results:
  1. Wow! You got an INFRARED colored highlighter (aka a black magic marker)
  2. Woah! How the vat did you get a hold of THAT!? You got an Asimov Circuit Disabler Device (point-n-click, 0.5 meter range)
  3. Ooo… you got a Chainsaw.
  4. Multi:
    • “And I take your credits and run. No! I mean I invest them!” -2 to Con Games Specialty
    • “I’m bored. Wanna scare some IRs?” You put some INFRAREDs under surveillance just for fun. You’re pretty sure that the camera pointing at YOU was off at the time. (O3C, caught using Surveillance)
  5. “Do I look fat? Well yes, but that’s only because you are.” You’re a little on the chunky side -1 to Violence
  6. “Wow! Somebody dropped a 100cr plasticred! Right at your feet!” You learned the Bribery Unhealthy skill.
  7. Uh oh! You terminated the wrong clone for being a communist. But you’re sure no one realized it… (Termination if caught, use Data Search to catch) (was Howard-R)
  8. You’re one sneaky decantee of a bot. +1 Stealth
  9. “So THAT’S where you roommate get her IR Market pills.” +2 to Shadowing Specialty
  10. Congratulations! You stopped a bunch of commies from getting a WMD and were given a Hero of Our Complex award. There was this one R&D clone named Roy-R-HBL who you suspected at the time might have been with the commies, but you never managed to get any proof.


Phil-R-XYZ was a typical clone, doing his job and being happy until the day he found a ratty old booklet detailing the history of something called “The Great Experiment”. The ideas within that booklet greatly appealed to him from the start. It made sense that humans should be represented by other humans and have a hand in determining their own fates. That was when he began to resent his non human masters. They never joke, they never smile, and all they ever do is go from point A to point B to get their tasks done. While he can appreciate their usefulness and efficiency he does not see why they and the FC should be in charge of anything. Are humans not superior? Humans come in many different shapes and sizes, while robots and machines tend to be uniform constructs. Humans are better able to think on their feet and to adapt, while the machines always follow their protocols.

It was greatly fortuitous then that he was approached by the Humanists with an invitation to join them to aid in changing Alpha Complex forever. Their goal: reprogram the robots and FC in order to serve the humans rather than the humans serving the machines. While he wants to change how Alpha Complex is ruled, he does not wish to see it destroyed. Using his knowledge of security systems and stealth, he performed a one man sting operation on a group of commies who had plans of detonating a WMD to destroy the complex. It was during this time that he gradually acquired an understanding of the treasonous code language the commies spoke amongst themselves. Having saved the Alpha Complex from certain destruction he was awarded a special certificate entitled Hero of the Complex, which he enjoys to flaunt and use to gain any leverage he can squeeze out of it. He may, however, been a little overzealous in his mission. He terminated a clone who he took to be Roy-R-HBL by accident, thankfully nobody caught wind of his mistake, at least as far as he knows. He remains suspicious of Roy-R-HBL and his motives.

In order to further this goal he was insatiable in his pursuit of both practical knowledge of how robotics and various gadgets worked and the ins and outs of his world, all done so he could know better how to re-tool all of these various systems to better suit human needs. Fully aware of how dangerous his ideas intent was he also learned a great deal about how to be inconspicuous and to cover up evidence of any of his studies. Besides that he was also a decent athlete despite being a little on the chunky side and a passing shot with a laser pistol. He has always seemed to have a knack for finding useful items just lying around in some corner by sheer luck.


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