Team Leader

Name Dean-O-KTI
Gender Male
Service Group HPD&MC
Service Firm Type Singalong Agents
Service Firm Sing-song Singalongs
MBD Team Leader

  • Stutters when speaking or singing in front of a group.
  • Has a firm conviction that any problem that he can’t simply talk his way out of can be solved by creative use of string and/or coins

Action Skills
Management 10 Stealth 9 Violence 5
Chutzpah 14 Sleight of Hand 13 Energy Weapons 9
Interrogation 1 Security Systems 1 Agility 9
Moxie 14 - - Unarmed Combat 1
Oratory 1 - - Thrown Weapons 9
- - - - Hand Weapons 1
Knowledge Skills
Hardware 7 Software 4 Wetware 5
- - - - Pharmatherapy 9
- - - - Psycotherapy 1

Mutation Rubbery Bones
Registered? No
SecSoc Illuminati (Romantics)
Degree 2 (1)

Secret Missions:

Illuminati: “Good morningcycle, Dean-O. We have a very special task for you todaycycle. On the mission you are about to embark on, you will be investigating a crime, or rather, series of crimes. You are to see to it that it appears that the Secret Society, Corpore Metal is behind them. To aid you, you will be given a pouch full of Corpore Metal artifacts. You will find the pouch below your seat. Good luck, Agent Dean-O. What is it your Romantic friends like to say? ‘May the Force be your Umbrella’ This message will self-destruct in five seconds.”

Romantics: “I have a message from Indiana Croft. We’ve heard that your teammate, Isaac-O, has managed to procure a publication of Old Reckoning origins. We want it. Be wary, though. We understand that it has strange and wonderous powers, and is especially effective against male citizens who’ve not been keeping up with their hormone supressants. To them it could act like the One Ring of Wishes and enslave the mind.”

Secret Skills
Uncommon Archival Studies 6
Unlikely Music 19
Unhealthy Old Reckoning Cultures 7

Power 8
Access 1

Assigned Items
1 Laser pistol body (no barrel) (R)
1 ORANGE Reflec (O)
1 Series 1300 Personal Digital Companion (PDC) (R)
1 ORANGE Laser Pistol Barrel
1 Magnifying Glass (G)
1 Proof of Brevet Form for Magnifying Glass (G) keyed to Dean-O-KTI
1 Proof of Brevet Form for Portable Memory Chip Scanner (B) keyed to Dean-O-KTI
Personal Items
725 Credits
1 ME Card
1 Ball of String (about 10 meters long) (IR)
1 Pen (R)
1 Laser Pistol Barrel (O)
Treasonous Items
1 Deck of Cards (self-marked) (appear R)
4 Fake Credits
1 Small black pouch full of ‘Corpore Metal’ tokens (pieces of metal or plastic of various shapes and sizes with CM symbols on them)

Punishment for broken elevator if caught: P4M, Evidence: DNA in a hair on the scene, need Biosciences


To spot a true star, one must be able to read a clone’s mood and temperament. Real star quality has little to do with acting ability or vocal talent – that’s what HPD&MC’s extensive editing departments are for. To convince a potential star to to sign up with your agency as opposed to any of a multitude of others, one must know which mental buttons to push, as well as when and how to push them, and to a lesser extent, which drugs may make a subject more suceptible. In his time as a talent scout, Dean-R became adept in both areas. Perhaps a little too adept, as some clones, most notably his old boss Greg-G, have become convinced he is an Empath. Although Greg-G has never mentioned his suspicions, Dean-R hasn’t failed to notice some animosity towards him.

After his old service firm, ScouTal, was absorbed, Dean-R was redesignated a Sing-song Singalongs singalong song-leader, due to his remarkable singing voice. Unfortunately, he has had much difficulty in getting other clones to sing along… as convincing as he can be, clone-to-clone, he tends to suffer from a nervous stutter when speaking or singing before any sizeable group.

Some years ago, a peer in the Romantics lent him copies of two Old-Reckoning manuscripts: “The Book of Tricks” detailing various slight of hand card and coin tricks, and “101 Things to do with a Piece of String (String Sold Seperately),” which details one hundred and one things to do with a piece of string. Since then he has made certain to carry a ball of stringat all times, just incase. He also carries a deck of subtly marked cards, and a few special credit chips (with the Computer’s Monitor printed on both sides), to aid in his ‘on-the-side’ career as a small time con-man operating in the local INFRARED Market – after paying off the Free Enterprise representatives, of course.

Suprisingly enough, the ball of string did indeed come in handy, when he was ordered by his Illuminati superiors to disable several buttons in an elevator. After looping the string around several wires under an access panel, feeding the other end out of the service hatch and tying it into the elevator shaft, he exited the elevator, sending it up the building. The string pulled the wires loose, before slithering out the service hatch.

One of his coins was unexpectedly useful, too. One fake credit chip in another clone’s pocket, and the next time Tom-R tried to buy a B3 from the Power Services vendbot, the treason alarms went off like… well, like alarms. And who was conveniently waiting nearby to capture the traitor? Dean-R, henceforth known to the complex as Dean-O! Two secret missions complete, and little to no evidence left (except for the string, presumably still hanging in the elevator shaft).

Unfortunately, all this has left Dean-O with the firm conviction that any problem that he can’t simply talk his way out of can be solved by creative use of stirn and\or coins.


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