The Bot Murders

Turn 134

Yellow Stripes All Around

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 4: Debriefing

Turn 134: Yellow Stripes All Around

Inside their isolation tubes, the troubleshooters begin speaking. Phil-R’s eyes glow slightly.

Aken-R’s voice comes the direction of Bill-B, saying, “I would like Friend Computer to compare Friend Isaac’s demonstrated capacities with his Orange security clearing. After summarily investigating one crime scene, he claims he has solved the whole murder spree. Either he is a dumb boaster, or he is much smarter than all of us.

I would also like Friend Computer to investigate Friend Phil’s brain. Both his behavior speaking through a sock puppet and the many coincidences surrounding him are indicative of mental states beyond normal range.

Suddenly, Isaac-O gets a hungry look in his eye and begins chewing on his chair once he finishes speaking.

Howard-R’s tube goes completely dark.

Dean-O goes wobbly in his chair.

Bill-B looks right at Phil-R sternly and says, “Phil-R, kindly refrain from using your unregistered mutation during debriefing, thank you.” A laser turret descends from the top of Phil-R’s tube and points at him.

The ‘interesting’ effects all stop, the turret retracts. Bill-B continues, “Now then, while we are reviewing your statements, Aken-R, Howard-R, and Phil-R will be loyally registering their mutations that have suddenly manifested themselves. Incidentally, you three are each fined 2000 credits. While we’re doing that, you viewing at home can see highlighted scenes from the mission so far.”

Mutation Registration packets fall from the ceiling into each of the three newly outted mutants’ tubes.

There is a pause as Bill-B listens to something from the earbud he wears. The viewers at home see scenes from previous episodes during the pause. Then the scene returns to the briefing room.

Bill-B says, “Well, we’ve got some more interesting reports. We’ve already heard Aken-R’s report, of course, but let’s hear what the others have to say. First, let’s hear from Phil-R, or should I say, Mr Sock.”

“It is clear that we have successfully completed our mission as the primary traitor has since been terminated, however he had a co-conspirator who assisted him in his diabolical deeds. I believe this individual to be Isaac-O.”

Bill-B says, “Well, isn’t that wonderful. It’ll be interesting to hear just who he thinks is this primary traitor is, and what evidence he has to back up his claim, as well as what evidence he has against Isaac-O. Of course he must have some evidence, since he’s making such serious charges against a higher clearance citizen. It will also be interesting to hear why he just attempted to disrupt this debriefing by using his previously, and treasonously, unregistered mutant power to cause these other treasonously unregistered mutants to reveal themselves so dramatically, not that we’re not grateful to him for revealing these two. Now, let’s hear from Howard-R.”

“I think Issac O is a member of Corpore Metal. I also think there is a war going on between Corpore Metal vs Frankenstein Destroyers and PURGE. I am much more certain about the first than the second. Issac knows far more about bots then a clone of his clearance level should, is adamant that FD is behind it all and that it is framing Corpore Metal. There is only some evidence about the first and none about the second. Although I think it is likely FD are involved I think Capore Metal is as well. Most likely fighting FD and possibly PURGE

Bill-B says, “Well, he at least has attempted to back up his accussations, and quite frankly, the video record rather backs him up… to a point. However, it would be interesting to find out what makes him so sure how much a clone above his own clearance should know on any particular subject. After all, if it’s above Isaac-O’s clearance, then it’s definitely above Howard-R’s. Also, it should also be pointed out to both Howard-R and to the viewers at home that Isaac-O’s non-troubleshooter job deals with bots on a constant basis, and he has yet to say anything about bots which is at all above his clearance, though he does seem suspiciously bot obsessed. Well, a lot of attention being paid to Isaac-O’s activities so far. Let’s hear what he has to say.”

“It was the treason of Quentin-R that first drew my attention to the now obvious Frankenstein Destroyer plot. Fortunately they were unable to influence me and this has been their undoing. They are the dark power behind all the murders and all the subsequent treason used in a vain attempt to cover it up. I am happy that I have been able to loyally serve Friend Computer and require no further reward for valiantly having single handedly solved the crimes committed. It is sobering to note that all five of the other members of the team were able to be manipulated by the foul Frankenstein Destroyers. Now they have fresh clones I can only hope…”

Bill-B says, “Oops, seems that he ran out of time there… Wow! He certainly is sure of himself, isn’t he, folks?” There is canned laughter, then he continues, “So now he’s saying that everyone else is under the influence of the treasonous organization, the Frankenstein Destroyers. Isn’t that interesting… However, while I note that he is very certain that it was the Frankenstein Destroyers, he doesn’t seem to have any idea as to who the actual culprit is. Who put the nail through the back of Larry-R’s head? Who electricuted my previous clone? Who burned up Ray-V? Who destroyed the three bots? What individual, or individuals actually pull off the murders? It was the Frankenstein Destroyers behind it? Well, that’s all well and good, but the crime’s not solved until you have a culprit or culprits and evidence to back you up. And now, last but certainly not least, let’s hear from the team leader, Dean-O.”

_“Sir, I’m requesting a new team for the mission – this one is broken. I can’t prove it yet, sir, but I think Isaac-O is trying to falsely pin the blame on Frankenstein Destroyers, for treasonous reasons of his own. Corpore Metal sympathies, maybe. The rest of them are either dangerously incompetent or just plain insane, and at least one – I don’t know which – is hiding an unregistered mutation.

If there’s no other team available, at least let me continue the investigation alone – I’ve seen trousers more intelligent than these wackos!”_

Bill-B grins… it’s not a pleasant grin, “Actually, I couldn’t agree more. This team has suffered from problem after problem, all of them caused by various members of the team. However, Dean-O has not been particularly effective, either. He has failed to keep his team in check, and toward the end, didn’t even try. I should demote the lot of you down a clearance right now. But first, I’ll give each of you one chance to avoid this fate. I really doubt that you can actually say anything to salvage the situation, but I’d like to be fair about it, and I’m certain that your responses will be quite entertaining. Oh, and any further attempts to disrupt things will result in immediate termination, and probably severe MemoMax editing. You have another 30 seconds… go!”

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

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