The Bot Murders

Turn 135 (Final)
That's All Folks!

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now the Conclusion.

Episode 4: Debriefing

Turn 135: That’s All Folks!

The troubleshooters once again speak silently in their soundproof tubes during a commercial break. Bill-B listens to each one gravely. Then the break ends and Bill-B reanimates.

“Welcome back, loyal citizens! Let’s see what these troubleshooters have to say for themselves! First, let’s hear from Howard-R!”

“Even though I don’t know exactly what knowledge is available at Orange clearance I do know that it is only slightly above mine. Knowing that a certain bot has good ocular sensitivity, whatever that means, might be known at that clearance level but I strongly doubted the technical details would be available to a clearance barely better then ours. I have been proved incorrect about that assumption which I have to apologize for. However it was the best guess I could make at the time.”

“Apology accepted, citizen. However, I think a refresher course in telling the difference between a loyal botspotter and a treasonous member of Corpore Metal is in order. Fortunately, that course is INFRARED clearance, since that is the clearance you will be until such time as you show yourself to be worthy of once again wearing RED. And now, B’bye! Now… let’s hear from Aken-R…”

Howard disappears through a hole in the floor as Aken-R’s voice begins to speak, “I have no problem with a demotion in clearance, if that is what Friend Computer decides. I believe that any clone with who wants to can work his way up by hard work and dedication. I do have a problem with the mutant registration I have here. I am not a mutant. I have a party trick: I’m pretty good at talking without moving my lips. That’s not the same as the ability to eat stuff that was not meant to be eaten, or other unnatural traits. A blue clearance need only be temporary, but a yellow stripe is forever, and I don’t think I deserve it!”

“Of course, citizen! A party trick was able to project your voice through your soundproof tube. Now I’d suggest filling out that paperwork before we decide to have your next clone be properly registered instead, after extensive medical tests, of course. And also, since you seem to be having trouble telling the difference between clearances, as evidenced by your previous clone telling me, a BLUE clearance citizen as well as your direct superior, to ‘Bug Off’, and your current assertion that BLUE clearance need only be temporary, as if being made BLUE clearance would be below your current clearance and just something to be tolerated instead of celebrated, I think we also need to promote you all the way to INFRARED and see to it that you’re properly re-educated on Alpha Complex’s wonderful clearance system. So, b’bye! Have a happy day! And now, Phil-R.”

Aken disappears through a hole in the floor as Mr. Sock’s high-pitched voice comes through the speakers, “Well yes, of course I fully intended to reveal my mutant abilities that I just discovered in myself moments after this tube went down over me. I realized it was my solemn duty to Friend Computer to do so and to help Friend Computer root out the other mutants in the team while doing so. As to Isaac-O, well it is clear that the rest of the team unanimously agrees with my estimation and therefore I believe Friend Computer will be pleased with us all for rooting out such a subversive individual.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m sure you only just now discovered it. Blah Blah Blah… Whatever… We’ve all seen the security footage. Well, all that aside, I’m afraid you still did not answer the concerns that I put to you. To wit, backing up your serious accusations against a higher clearance citizen, and revealing this so-called ‘primary traitor’ you mentioned before. Perhaps some time back as an INFRARED will teach you to listen to what you’re being told and to actually have evidence when you make accusations. Oh, and I think a good brainscrub might be in order to get rid of that annoying sock puppet. Goodbye, Phil-R and Mr. Sock. And now Isaac-O.”

Phil falls away into the now-open floor below him as Isaac-O’s voice fills the room, “It shouldn’t surprise anyone that as the only innocent clone in the team all the Frankie sympathizers are trying to pin something on me. The main culprit was Quentin-R but his complete failure to take any action points the finger of blame most steadily to Dean-O, as his most active accomplice. From their own statements continued allegence to the Frankie’s is evidence against all the five others present. Armed with this information a team that isn’t so completely compromised by Frankies should be able to discover the actual specific details of the treason. Provided they, like I, maintain a proper emphasis on good hygiene.”

“So… Just because the rest of the team thinks that you are a member, or at least a sympathizer, of Corpore Metal, you think that is proof that they are all Frankenstein Destroyers. Right… while I agree that you are all incompetent bunglers, there is no evidence to suggest that they all are Frankenstein Destroyers. Also, while our investigation into Quentin-R did reveal that he was a member of the Frankenstein Destroyers, it also revealed equally compelling evidence that he was a PURGE terrorist, and a Free Enterprise member, and an unregistered pyrokinetic. However, there has been no indication that he was involved in the murders which your team was assigned to solve. Incidentally, Quentin-R escaped during interrogation, but was quickly caught by a competent troubleshooter team, and he has since been terminated and his clone template erased. But I digress. You, Isaac-R will now be sent to your very own training course in what constitutes proper evidence. If you do well, you might be allowed on the next troubleshooter team to be sent on this mission. And so, say goodbye, Isaac-R. And finally, our team leader, Dean-O.”

Isaac-R falls down his shaft with a silent scream of frustrated rage as Dean-O’s voice projects into the room, “With respect, sir, ‘towards the end’ I was under Friend Computer’s personal orders not to delay the mission for anything that could be dealt with during debriefing. Furthermore, I doubt very much that any leader below say INDIGO, with the possible exception of Teela-O-MLY, could have overcome these clones’ natural incompetence.”

“So… You’re going to blame Friend Computer for your inability to control your team, huh? Still… your assessment of your teammates is basically correct, and you did seem to show a certain amount of competence before you just seemed to give up, so we’re going to give you another chance. You, Dean-R, will undergo a short leadership training class, as well as a little re-education pertaining to why Friend Computer is always right, and then you will be assigned to the next troubleshooter team for this mission, though not necessarily as team leader this time. But for now… B’bye!”

Dean-O goes the way of his teammates. The room stands empty, except for Bill-B, who faces the camera and grins.

“So there you have it, folks. A perfect example of what not to do while on a troubleshooter mission. But not to worry, loyal viewers, we’ve not given up on finding the dastardly treasonous culprits. Tune in next season when we’ll bring in a competent group of troubleshooters, who will most certainly solve…The Bot Murders!! And remember, citizens….”

The fanfare comes to a crescendo, and recorded audience voices join in with Bill-B as he says, “STAY ALERT! TRUST NO ONE!! KEEP YOUR LASER HANDY!!! Thank you, citizens, and good night!

Fade to black.

You have been watching the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders. No loyal citizens were harmed in the making of this program.


and FiredrakeMacFie as The GM

Thank you everyone, readers and players alike. It’s been a really fun game, and I’ll likely run another one day, and despite the rather nasty things that Bill-B had to say to everyone (Hey, it’s his job as debriefing officer), you’ve all been great!

Turn 134
Yellow Stripes All Around

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 4: Debriefing

Turn 134: Yellow Stripes All Around

Inside their isolation tubes, the troubleshooters begin speaking. Phil-R’s eyes glow slightly.

Aken-R’s voice comes the direction of Bill-B, saying, “I would like Friend Computer to compare Friend Isaac’s demonstrated capacities with his Orange security clearing. After summarily investigating one crime scene, he claims he has solved the whole murder spree. Either he is a dumb boaster, or he is much smarter than all of us.

I would also like Friend Computer to investigate Friend Phil’s brain. Both his behavior speaking through a sock puppet and the many coincidences surrounding him are indicative of mental states beyond normal range.

Suddenly, Isaac-O gets a hungry look in his eye and begins chewing on his chair once he finishes speaking.

Howard-R’s tube goes completely dark.

Dean-O goes wobbly in his chair.

Bill-B looks right at Phil-R sternly and says, “Phil-R, kindly refrain from using your unregistered mutation during debriefing, thank you.” A laser turret descends from the top of Phil-R’s tube and points at him.

The ‘interesting’ effects all stop, the turret retracts. Bill-B continues, “Now then, while we are reviewing your statements, Aken-R, Howard-R, and Phil-R will be loyally registering their mutations that have suddenly manifested themselves. Incidentally, you three are each fined 2000 credits. While we’re doing that, you viewing at home can see highlighted scenes from the mission so far.”

Mutation Registration packets fall from the ceiling into each of the three newly outted mutants’ tubes.

There is a pause as Bill-B listens to something from the earbud he wears. The viewers at home see scenes from previous episodes during the pause. Then the scene returns to the briefing room.

Bill-B says, “Well, we’ve got some more interesting reports. We’ve already heard Aken-R’s report, of course, but let’s hear what the others have to say. First, let’s hear from Phil-R, or should I say, Mr Sock.”

“It is clear that we have successfully completed our mission as the primary traitor has since been terminated, however he had a co-conspirator who assisted him in his diabolical deeds. I believe this individual to be Isaac-O.”

Bill-B says, “Well, isn’t that wonderful. It’ll be interesting to hear just who he thinks is this primary traitor is, and what evidence he has to back up his claim, as well as what evidence he has against Isaac-O. Of course he must have some evidence, since he’s making such serious charges against a higher clearance citizen. It will also be interesting to hear why he just attempted to disrupt this debriefing by using his previously, and treasonously, unregistered mutant power to cause these other treasonously unregistered mutants to reveal themselves so dramatically, not that we’re not grateful to him for revealing these two. Now, let’s hear from Howard-R.”

“I think Issac O is a member of Corpore Metal. I also think there is a war going on between Corpore Metal vs Frankenstein Destroyers and PURGE. I am much more certain about the first than the second. Issac knows far more about bots then a clone of his clearance level should, is adamant that FD is behind it all and that it is framing Corpore Metal. There is only some evidence about the first and none about the second. Although I think it is likely FD are involved I think Capore Metal is as well. Most likely fighting FD and possibly PURGE

Bill-B says, “Well, he at least has attempted to back up his accussations, and quite frankly, the video record rather backs him up… to a point. However, it would be interesting to find out what makes him so sure how much a clone above his own clearance should know on any particular subject. After all, if it’s above Isaac-O’s clearance, then it’s definitely above Howard-R’s. Also, it should also be pointed out to both Howard-R and to the viewers at home that Isaac-O’s non-troubleshooter job deals with bots on a constant basis, and he has yet to say anything about bots which is at all above his clearance, though he does seem suspiciously bot obsessed. Well, a lot of attention being paid to Isaac-O’s activities so far. Let’s hear what he has to say.”

“It was the treason of Quentin-R that first drew my attention to the now obvious Frankenstein Destroyer plot. Fortunately they were unable to influence me and this has been their undoing. They are the dark power behind all the murders and all the subsequent treason used in a vain attempt to cover it up. I am happy that I have been able to loyally serve Friend Computer and require no further reward for valiantly having single handedly solved the crimes committed. It is sobering to note that all five of the other members of the team were able to be manipulated by the foul Frankenstein Destroyers. Now they have fresh clones I can only hope…”

Bill-B says, “Oops, seems that he ran out of time there… Wow! He certainly is sure of himself, isn’t he, folks?” There is canned laughter, then he continues, “So now he’s saying that everyone else is under the influence of the treasonous organization, the Frankenstein Destroyers. Isn’t that interesting… However, while I note that he is very certain that it was the Frankenstein Destroyers, he doesn’t seem to have any idea as to who the actual culprit is. Who put the nail through the back of Larry-R’s head? Who electricuted my previous clone? Who burned up Ray-V? Who destroyed the three bots? What individual, or individuals actually pull off the murders? It was the Frankenstein Destroyers behind it? Well, that’s all well and good, but the crime’s not solved until you have a culprit or culprits and evidence to back you up. And now, last but certainly not least, let’s hear from the team leader, Dean-O.”

_“Sir, I’m requesting a new team for the mission – this one is broken. I can’t prove it yet, sir, but I think Isaac-O is trying to falsely pin the blame on Frankenstein Destroyers, for treasonous reasons of his own. Corpore Metal sympathies, maybe. The rest of them are either dangerously incompetent or just plain insane, and at least one – I don’t know which – is hiding an unregistered mutation.

If there’s no other team available, at least let me continue the investigation alone – I’ve seen trousers more intelligent than these wackos!”_

Bill-B grins… it’s not a pleasant grin, “Actually, I couldn’t agree more. This team has suffered from problem after problem, all of them caused by various members of the team. However, Dean-O has not been particularly effective, either. He has failed to keep his team in check, and toward the end, didn’t even try. I should demote the lot of you down a clearance right now. But first, I’ll give each of you one chance to avoid this fate. I really doubt that you can actually say anything to salvage the situation, but I’d like to be fair about it, and I’m certain that your responses will be quite entertaining. Oh, and any further attempts to disrupt things will result in immediate termination, and probably severe MemoMax editing. You have another 30 seconds… go!”

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:
Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Tuesday.
Turn 133
The Beginning of the End

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 4: Debriefing

Turn 133: The Beginning of the End

Isaac-O and Phil-R have left the building and are walking along the street back toward Troubleshooter HQ.

Mr Sock says, “Oh boy, debriefing! This should be a happy time for us indeed! I Am sure Friend Computer will be pleased with our detective work and reward us in kind! Especially since I terminated a commie mutant traitor in theeeeeee…”

He is interrupted as he suddenly trips on something (It couldn’t possibly have been Isaac-O’s foot, oh no. I’m sure the fact that he moved slightly toward Phil-R at that moment was pure coincidence.) just as an autocar is about to pass the pair.

As Isaac-O continues walking along, some scrubots come along and clean up what’s left of Phil-R.

Several minutes later, Isaac-O arrives at troubleshooter headquarters alone and makes his way to room 42Q. The rest of the (freshly decanted) team are all already seated in clearance-appropriate seats. There is one ORANGE seat left.

Lights and canned fanfare start up as Bill-B springs into action.

“Welcome back, Troubleshooters! This is your DEBRRRRIEFING!!! First of all, for returning to debriefing so quickly, you will each be given a prize of 1000 credits! Isn’t that nice?!”

There is canned applause, then he continues.

“So, if Isaac-O would have a seat, we can begin.”

There is a brief pause while Isaac-O takes his seat. Then, suddenly, over each troubleshooter, a clear plastic tube descends from the ceiling and encloses each troubleshooter. Bill-B’s voice is piped into the tubes.

“Alright. Here’s how this will work. I will call each of your names, and you will each have 30 seconds to tell me any thing you would like to tell me pertaining to the mission or to your fellow teammates. None of your other teammates will be able to hear you as long as you are in your isolation tubes, so feel free to speak freely, but you only have 30 seconds, so doooon’t waste it! Now… let’s begin…”

(OOG: For the next turn, give me your ‘30 second’ response, as if Bill-B had just called your name)

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:
Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Friday.
Turn 132

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 4: Debriefing

Turn 132: Grenades!!

Howard-R pulls out his pistol and goes toward the closet door, saying, “Die you filthy traitor!”

Phil-R starts pulling out grenades. (Yes, that’s a plural…)

Dean-O draws this laser and says, “Terminations are super! I just love extreme prejudice!!”

Suddenly, the voice of Friend Computer comes out of the nearby speakers, saying, “Belay that order. Put away your guns. A vid show host does not decide over life or death. I do! Vengeance is mine, sayeth Friend Computer.

Howard-R stops and says, “Yes, Friend Computer.” He puts away his pistol.

Dean-O also puts away his weapon, says, “Isn’t belaying the greatest!? Hehehe!!”

Phil-R, apparently thinking that The Computer only said to put away guns, but didn’t say anything about grenades. He pulls the pins and only then notices the door is closed. He chucks the grenades in the general direction of the door anyway and runs just as fast as he can.


Aken-R opens the door and says, “Oh, we have only audio? What would you have me…” He breaks off as he sees the grenades, and does the only evasive maneuver he can: He closes the door again. One of the grenades just happens to bounce into the hole that Isaac-O earlier chewed into the door.

Howard-R also sees the grenades and tries to run, but trips over something in the carpet and stumbles just long enough… one of the grenades bounces in his direction.

Dean-O is too busy giggling to himself to notice anything as trivial as a bunch of grenades about to go off in his general location.

Isaac-O had never paused when leaving, so is far enough away to only hear the


The door to the supply closet is shattered by the blasts, and so is Aken-R. The crime scene is irretrievably contaminated with bits of him. Dean-O and Howard-R end up as something the scrubots will have to clean up off of the wall, the floor, the ceiling, and the nearest cubicles.

Phil-R shortly catches up with Isaac-O and they continue on toward debriefing.

After everyone has left, Eula-R wakes up, and looks around at the remnants of the nearby explosion as she stands. She looks angry as she pulls out her PDC and starts typing while going back to her cubicle. She looks more annoyed when she finds an unidentifiable bit of troubleshooter on her chair. She switches it with the chair from the cubicle next to her that was further from the explosion.

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Tuesday.

Turn 131
Did He Just Tell a BLUE to Bug Off?

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 4: Debriefing

Turn 131: Did He Just Tell a BLUE to Bug Off?

Dean-O, from inside the supply closet, exclaims, “I love prizes!! Come on!!!” He comes out of the closet and grabs Aken-R’s arm and starts to tug him toward the way out.

Phil-R says and does, “As soon as the image fades out Phil-R forgets about everything else going on around him and heads for the debriefing room.”

Isaac-O gets a smarmy look and, leaving Eula-R behind like so much roadkill on the Isaac-O highway, heads toward the exit.

Aken-R, not being moved by Dean-O in the slightest, takes a deep breath and addresses the now blank screen, “Well, that is very nice, Mr. Bill, but now is not a good time for us. We are a bit busy bringing a nice little old lady back to life. So if you don’t mind, JUST BUG OFF!” He shrugs Dean-O off easily and runs toward the supply closet, saying, “Remember what I said, Phil. She’d better be alive when I come back out!” He runs inside and slams the door behind him. The door then bounces (since it has no door knob anymore), and he shuts it more slowly so that it stays closed.

Suddenly, the recently vacated vidscreen blinks back into life, showing the face of Bill-B, which is rapidly turning INDIGO clearance, and flecks of foam are starting to appear at the corner of his mouth, “YOUHOW DARETROUBLESHOOTERS! TERMINATE!! WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Friday.

Turn 130
Mutant Supply Closet?

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 130: Mutant Supply Closet?

Dean-O says from within the closet, “I can say that if anything exploded in here, anyone in here with it would probably hear it. Good thinking Aken-R!”

Howard-R, somehow completely ignoring the fact that a fellow citizen has just collapsed for no apparent reason right beside him, says “Very well, let’s go to lunch,” and starts typing into his PDC while everyone else is looking at the collapsed form of Eula-R.

Mr. Sock says, “Uh, oh my, she appears to have gotten overexcited again and fainted, poor thing, I think we should call a medbot for her, in fact I’ll do that now.” Phil-R says (and does), “Phi-R whips out his PDC and begins tapping furiously upon it.”

Aken-R stops in his tracks when he sees Eula-R motionless on the floor. “You know,” he says, “last time when I came out of the supply closet, I thought Eula was dead, Phil was on the floor next to her, and she revived. This time, I come out of the supply closet, thinking Eula is okay, and she appears to have expired, and Phil is standing next to her.” He then visibly has an idea. “Could it be that the supply closet gives me the super power to turn people on and off? Phil!” he hollers, trying to keep his excitement in check. “I am going into the supply closet, and when I come out, Eula-R had better be revived again!” And he runs back to where he came from.

Isaac-O exclaims at Phil-R, “Stand back from sweet Eula-R you hideous freak!” He crouches down to check Eula-R for life signs while continuing, “Maybe there’s some less harmful treason you could be getting on with in the supply closet with all the other traitors!” He then speaks to Eula-R, “Come on Eula, come towards the light, think of the fluffy wuffy rumtum tigger bots!”

Suddenly, Bill-B’s grinning face appears on the room’s wall-mounted monitor.

Hey, hey, hey, team! We’ve noticed that Isaac-O claims to have solved the mystery! So it looks like it’s time for…

A great fanfare issues from all the speakers in the room.

Deeeeebrrrrriefing!!! So report just as quick as you can to Briefing Room 42Q in Troubleshooter HQ. Hurry now, the quicker you get here, the BIGGER THE PRIIIIZZEEEEESSS!!!!

The fanfare reaches a climax and then fades away as Bill-B’s face fades out.

This concludes this episode of The Bot Murders. Tune in next time for Episode 4: Debriefing.

Perversity Points Totals:
  • Grov-R-LER (Dean-O-KTI-1): 65 PP
  • Phial (Isaac-O-MEL-2): 25 PP
  • Wys-I-wyg (Phil-R-XYZ-1): 50 PP
  • starlust (Howard-R-WST-2): 60 PP
  • Valen10 (Aken-R-BSH-2): 56 PP

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Monday.

Yes, that’s right, folks. I’m wrapping it up. After 2 years, I’m moving it on to debriefing.

Turn 129

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 129: BOOM!

Aken-R walks into the supply closet, leaving the door open and begins to look around.

Dean-O chuckles, “Hehehe… jiggers…,” and follows Aken-R into the closet.

Isaac-O looks at Dean-O and opens his mouth to say something, but just rolls his eyes at the ceiling instead. He addresses Howard-R and Phil-R, though the latter’s attention is being rather forcefully diverted elsewhere, “Speaking as the only ORANGE that isn’t the team leader. I’d appreciate it if you all addressed me as Sir when you are making any comment or statement that is meant for my hearing. As there has been some recent excitement due to me solving the crime I’ll overlook it in the case of everyone who is with me in reporting immediately to debriefing that the murders were committed by agents of the secret society the Frankenstien Destroyers. Everyone else is clearly a traitor and deserves whatever punishment Friend Computer see’s fit to apply. So who’s coming with me?”

Mr. Sock yelps, “Uh what? N-n-no it wasn’t me I found it over there I swear by dear FC that I did. Please do get a hold of yourself friend, I understand you are distressed but you are blindly accusing the wrong fellow. I am certain it was the dastardly handy work of that commie mutant traitor, he must have used some sort of mutant power.”

Eula-R moves her face closer to Phil-R’s face and hisses, “Don’t tell me I’m blindly accusing, you little…” She breaks off and pulls back slightly to get a better look at his face, “What… What are you…” She says softly and then suddenly goes limp and falls to the floor, eyes open and staring into nothingness.

Just as Eula-R falls, Aken-R shouts “BOOM!” suddenly from inside the closet, making everyone jump. He sticks his head out of the door and asks, “Did you hear that, team mates?”, and goes back inside the closet, closing the door this time. There is another shouted “BOOM!” and “Can you hear me now?” from inside the closet. He walks back out of the closet and explains, “Friend Eula did not report hearing anything from the supply closet at the time of Larry’s mishap. I wanted to find out if an explosive nail gun could have been used. You know, reproduce the circumstances of the crime, and all that.

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Monday.

Turn 128

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 128: Gone!

Well!” says Aken-R, “But. No Lunch? But. Well!” He sits down in the chair of cubicle 2961-C (next to Eula-R’s cubicle). “I guess I better sit down here then, before I drop dead from hunger. I’ll just go read the case file without the benefit of thought-sustaining calories.” He begins reading his PDC, his lips moving as he reads.

Howard-R says “Having lunch is a good idea. People who are hungry don’t think as well. We can go over the evidence over lunch. Issac can tell us all about how he got so knowledgeable about bots. I would like a brochure as well.”

Mr. Sock says, “Well now that is done with, I sure could use some cold fun right about now.” Phil-R says (and does), “Phil-R smiles and pats at his belly.”

Dean-O says, “This mission has a very high priority, and shouldn’t be delayed for any reason. Remember that, Aken-R? You can get something from a vendbot if we pass one. I like vendbots…”

Issac-O shrugs his shoulders and says, “How many Jumbo Jackobot Jiggers of evidence will you need before you can see the obvious truth!? Quentin-R used his filthy unregistered mutant powers to attempt to cover up the evidence of the Frankie’s brutal murders and decommissioning of valuable bot resources. Who else would attempt to frame Copore Metal for a crime? Every cycle that ticks away lets the foul conspiracy eat away at the very fibre of Alpha Complex’s loyal servants. Anyone who isn’t for immediate reporting of the conclusive findings is obviously in league with the traitors who have already infiltrated the team.” He pauses to survey the team, fingering the hygiene kit’s strap. “I can see that the proper maintenance of hygiene isn’t yet at the top of some people’s agenda!” he says meaningfully.

Aken-R finishes reading and exclaims, “Sweet source code! This is not a murder, it is slaughter! Look at all these people! If we don’t eat until we solve the case, we’d better learn to be like friend Isaac, and start eating door knobs.” He looks up at Isaac-O, “Could you help friend Eula with her PDC? She seems to be having a problem with it.” He then mumbles something that sounds like “nailgun” and walks back to the supply closet.

Eula-R becomes increasingly distressed as she keeps poking at her PDC, ignoring the team for the moment. Her mumbles are becoming more audible, “Gone… gone… all gone… why is it all gone? Gone!” She stands up, points at Phil-R and advances on him like a… well, like a very angry little old lady. “You! What did you do to it!? Everything’s gone! You must’ve messed with it! I didn’t think of it before, but I still had it when that rude clone ran away! He couldn’t have taken it! You must’ve taken it while I was… when I fainted!” She grabs him by the front of his jumpsuit, “WHAT… DIDYOU… DO?!!”

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:
  • Grov-R-LER (Dean-O-KTI-1): 65 PP
  • Phial (Isaac-O-MEL-2): 33 – 10 + 2 = 25 PP
  • Wys-I-wyg (Phil-R-XYZ-1): 55 PP
  • starlust (Howard-R-WST-2): 61 PP
  • Valen10 (Aken-R-BSH-2): 55 + 1 = 56 PP
  • Open Slot (???): ?? PP

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Wednesday.

Turn 127
No Lunch For You!

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 127: No Lunch For You!

Isaac-O says, “Well team leader? We appear to have completed our mission. All that remains to do is report formally to Friend Computer. Then perhaps we might get some sustenance.”

Howard-R says to Dean-O, “Perhaps, we also may be looking at a secret society war between PURGE and Frankenstein Destroyers against Corpore Metal. This could get even more nasty.” He turns to Issac saying “We have no evidence that it is the Frankenstein Destroyers framing Corpore Metal. It could be Corpore Metal framing Frankenstein Destroyer or it could be a secret society war or it could be PURGE framing either or both. It is far too early to end the investigation” He then pulls out his PDC and begins to type something into it.

Dean-O says, “Lunch sounds great, Aken-R, but we have to solve the case first. We don’t have enough evidence to support one theory over another yet. I know! We can eat lunch at debriefing!” He then puts away his pamphlet and magnifying glass, pulls out his PDC and begins to type something into it.

Aken-R pouts, “But we need time to read the case file anyway, and gather our thoughts on what we have learned so far. We might as well be chewing as we’re doing that. My stomach is growling, and I feel a bit weak in the head and faint in the knees…

Isaac-O looks frustrated, “Must I remind you of my superior processing capacity? Was it not I who continuously pointed out the obvious treason of Quentin-R? See where that reduntant software coding went! Just do exactly what I say and you can have all the glory!”

Phil-R says (and does), “Phil-R walks over to Eula-R and hands her the scorched PDC with a smile.” Mr. Sock says, “Here it is! I found it over where that traitor ran off, I’m afraid it seems to have been damaged in the fire however.”

Isaac-O asks Eula-R, “Oh can I have one of those brouchures too please?”

Eula-R says distractedly as she takes the PDC and starts to look at it, “Oh, yes, citizen, I have plenty.” She hands Isaac-O a brouchure, and frowns at her PDC, pushing buttons with a look of increasing desperation. She mumbles slightly under her breath.

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Friday.

Turn 126
Let's Do Lunch...

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 126: Let’s Do Lunch…

Howard-R leaves the ashes and walks back over to where the rest of the team stands in front of the supply closet. Phil-R follows quietly behind him.

Howard-R says, “Damn, that is weird. Corpore Metal and Frankenstein Destroyers hate each others guts. PURGE and Frankenstein Destroyers makes sense but how the hell does Corpore Metal get involved. The only thing I can think of is PURGE planting Corpore Metal signs to confuse everyone.”

Dean-O says, “The victims are a mix of humans and bots. Maybe we’re looking for two killers – one Corpore Metal and one Frankenstein Destroyer?”

Issac-O announces while slapping his forehead, “It’s so obvious! Even the completely obsolete Mailatron 200 could see it, and it only has 6×6 pixels of ocular sensitivity! The Filthy Frankies are trying to frame Corpore Metal for their foul deeds! We must inform Friend Computer at once and recommend that he makes further steps to proscribe the activities of the Frankenstein Destroyers! We have ALL the evidence we need and the crime is solved!”

Aken-R says, “There are so many factors to think about! I don’t know where to begin.” Then his face brightens. “Let’s go get some lunch. While we eat, we can read the new information on our PDCs, and talk things over.” He walks over to Eula-R, and asks, “Citizen! Could you point us to the nearest food ingestion facility? And would you care to join us? I’d really like to see some more pictures of your pets!” He turns to Dean-O. “I take it that is okay with you, team leader? And I suppose we can also meet up with the proper crime lab authorities to give them the evidence we collected so far?” Then he carefully folds his piece of jagged plastic into the piece of paper and puts into the Indestructable Loyalty Transcripts Recorder. “There,” he says, “that will remain untampered with,” and he shoots a dirty look at Isaac-O.

Eula-R waves Aken-R off, “No, thank you, young clone. I’ve already taken my mandatory lunch break, and I still have a lot to do here. There’s a RED clearance cafeteria up on the 10th floor. You fellas run along. I’ll be right here if you have any more questions… Oh, and if you really are interested in catbots, why don’t you take this sales brochure I just happen to have with me. If you see anything you like, just let me know, and I’ll see if maybe I can get you a discount… I have a friend that works at the outlet, you know…” She hands Aken-R a small pamphlet with pictures of cute, cuddly catbots on the front and smiles warmly.

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Monday.


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