The Bot Murders

Turn 85
You Were Shot Where?

Habjays Curried Soylent House, only three hundred yards from this vidscreen. Why not come in for a meal? Habjays Curried Soylent. Mmmmmm it’s delicious. Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 085: You Were Shot Where?

Dean-O looks around until he sees an occupied cubicle, 2956-B. Inside is a female ORANGE citizen. Dean-O spends a moment looking at her, his eyes a little unfocused. He finally asks, “Excuse me, good friend citizens, would either of you be so kind as to point us in the direction of Larry-R’s cubicle?”

She opens her mouth to respond, but is suddenly interrupted.

Quentin-R manages to wriggle out of Aken-R’s grip and runs over to Dean-O. He screams, “The dammed mutie tried to kill me! See? He shot me in the poop chute!” He indicates the burn on the backside of his jumpsuit, “Thankfully the armor protected my most tender of behinds – I bet the barrel of his gun is still warm! Save me!” He then ducks behind Dean-O and uses him as a shield as he waves a half-meter stick threateningly at Aken-R. He appears to have lost the other half-stick somewhere.

Aken-R, still smiling, simply points at Quentin-R and says “Smoker.” He then gestures towards the burn mark on Quentin-R’s backside before finishing the motion by pointing at the remains of the cigarette on the seat. “Burned himself, then FC property I had to drag him along forcibly before the crazy pyromaniac tried to burn everything down. In fact maybe it was him who set the fires earlier… Although my gun did mysteriously fire again. Nearly took my foot off. If you go back you could see the terrible mark it made on the floor which I take full responsibility for. Hayate-R would you double check for any problems with it, if you be so kind?” He then offers the pistol to Hayate-R.

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:
Grov-R-LER (Dean-O-KTI-1): 60 PP
Elm-R-FUD (Roy-R-HBL-1): 39 PP
Max (Quentin-R-PAD-2): 59 PP
Rib-O-NZR (Hayate-R-GTK-1): 44 – 1 (missed turn) = 43 PP
Banequo (Aken-R-BSH-2): 41 PP
djones0823 (Isaac-O-MEL-1): 49 – 1 (missed turn ) = 48 PP

Have your turns to me before 1300 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Friday.
Turns 1-84
The Story So Far

The full text of the turns can be found here

This post is a summary of the first 84 turns.

Each of our intrepid Troubleshooters-to-be begins our story going about their daily tasks in the perfect utopia known as Alpha Complex. Each is loyally performing his duties when, suddenly, their PDCs erupt with the sound of an Ultra-High Priority message alert. The words MISSION ALERT flash on the screen in large urgent-looking letters! Let’s zoom in on one of the PDCs now and see what the message says.

Congratulations, Isaac-O-MEL-1. You are hereby invited to your first manditory briefing for your first manditory Troubleshooter Mission. You are to report to WRC Sector’s Troubleshooter Headquarters, and from there report to Briefing Room 42Q. You will then receive further instructions from your Briefing Officer, Bill-B-WRC. You are to bring along your Reflec and Laser Pistol Body, which had been assigned to you previously. Failure to show up in 30 Minutes will result in an insubordination charge and a 200 credit fine. Failure to appear at all is treason and will result in your immediate Termination.

Have a Happy Daycycle.

Your Friend,
The Computer

Well, our six heroes, Dean-O-KTI, Isaac-O-MEL, Aken-R-BSH, Roy-R-HBL, Chaelim-R-BEL, and Tom-R-KIT set out and eventually arrive at their briefing, where their briefing officer, a flashy HPD&MC citizen named Bill-B-WRC, tells them the following:

“All right, now that that’s taken care of, let’s get down to the briefing. Your mission is rather simple in concept, but likely highly difficult and dangerous in execution. It is also vitally important to the well-being of all loyal citizens. Now then, there have been a rash of murders in this sector. So far none of the victims have been able to identify their killer. Either they didn’t see them, their MemoMax signal cut off before their killer struck, or the victim’s botbrain was damaged beyond any hope of information retrieval. Yes, some of the victims have been bots, but not all of them. I will upload the details of the incidents to your Team Leader’s PDC now.”

“Your mission is to find out who or what is committing these treasonous acts. If it is a single citizen, you are to terminate with extreme prejudice, and the traitor’s template will be wiped. If it is a group, report this, and a full-blown crackdown will be implemented, and the group will cease to be. You are, of course, to terminate all known members you come across. If the killer is a bot, you are to capture the bot undamaged, so that it can be found out how its Asimov Circuits were compromised.”

“Now then, you will have only one Service Service to do for this mission, due to its importance and the need for you to concentrate only on this mission. As you may have suspected already, you are, in fact, being recorded for a Vidshow chronicling the progress of your Team. Not only that, you are being broadcast LIVE, on a slight time delay, on the PBEM Network. This is your Service Service, and also the reason why you were not assigned a Communications and Recording Officer, as the crew of the PBEM Network will be taking care of those duties, using the many security cameras and special hidden camera operators. Also, it should be interesting to note that our Friend and yours, The Computer will also be taking a very special interest in your progress.”

After a quick Q&A session, the team is sent on to PLC for outfitting. They lose Aken-R’s first clone along the way due to an… accident.

Suddenly, after the team had received their equipment, but before leaving PLC, Chaelim-R was vaporized and removed from the team without explanation. Isaac-O is assigned to take over her duties as Hygiene Officer in addition to his previously assigned duties as Public Relations Officer. She is shortly replaced by Quentin-R-PAD, though instead of assigning him the Hygiene Officer duties, Friend Computer instead assigned him as Public Relations Officer and leaves Isaac-O with the Hygiene Officer duty.

Dean-O, the intrepid Team Leader, then leads the team to the workplace of the first victim, one Larry-R-WRC, who works at the PLC Service Firm Bolt Checkers. Once the team arrives, they find a huge maze of rooms full of cubicles. This seems to trigger some sort of halucination in Quentin-R. His madness ends in him knocking down all of the cubicle wall, destroying much Computer property. He suddenly bursts into flame, and is then blasted with ceiling-mounted lasers by Friend Computer.

Almost immediately thereafter, Tom-R is found guilty of treason by Friend Computer, and he, coincidentally, is terminated in the same spot as Quentin-R, first by a flame thrower and then a laser blast. His next clone, however, does not return. He is then replaced by Hayate-R-GTK, who takes over his duties as Equipment Officer.

After a few more false starts, the team finally finds its way through the maze to the room in which Larry-R’s cubicle supposedly resides.


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