Name Tom-R-KIT
Gender Male
Service Group PLC
Service Firm Type Field Operations
Service Firm Quickie Quickie Trac Trac!
MBD Equipment Officer

  • Talks Down to machines and devices while fixing
  • Snorts after everything he says

Action Skills
Management 4 Stealth 10 Violence 8
- - Sneaking 14 Energy Weapons 12
- - Sleight of Hand 1 Fine Manipulation 12
- - High Alert 14 Thrown Weapons 1
- - Disguise 1 - -
Knowledge Skills
Hardware 10 Software 4 Wetware 4
Mechanical Engineering 14 - - - -
Weapon & Armor Maintenance 14 - - - -
Electronic Engineering 1 - - - -
Nuclear Engineering 1 - - - -
Bot Ops and Maintenance 14 - - - -
Habitat Management 1 - - - -
Vehicle Ops and Maintenance 14 - - - -

Mutation Hypersenses
Registered? No
SecSoc Humanist
Degree 1

Secret Mission:

Secret Skills
Uncommon Marital Arts 4 Power Studies 18
Unlikely Tinkering 11
Unhealthy Old Reckoning Cultures 15

Power 14
Access 2

Assigned Items
1 Laser pistol body (no barrel) (R)
1 RED Reflec (O)
1 Series 1300 Personal Digital Companion (PDC) (R)
2 RED Laser Pistol Barrels
Personal Items
336 Credits
1 ME Card
1 Brass Knuckles®
4 RED Laser Pistol Barrels
1 Truncheon®
1 HotTorch®
1 Pack of Cancer-Lite Cigarettes (20 in pack) (R)
1 Fine Tool Kit®
3 Gelgernine (Inner Happiness) tablet®
3 Visomorpain (Little Black Friend) tablets (IR)
10 Pyroxidine (Wide-Awake) tablets®
Treasonous Items
2 tab of LSD
1 Stopwatch (Y)
Pachinko Results:
  • Do you look fat in this? Why yes you do, because you ARE fat, you even got into a fight over the last Cold Fun in the IR Cafeteria… and won. (both -1 and +1 to Violence)
  • Joined a Volunteer Form Checker Society (+1 Access, no you don’t know what your total is, but it’s 1 higher now)
  • You went to the IR Market and got 2 tabs of some Yummy LSD, man!
  • You gained some Useless Knowledge (New Uncommon Secret Skill: Power Studies)
  • You installed a software backdoor on some combots. You’re pretty sure you removed all traces of your involvement… you think… (Erasure if caught)
  • You were traded to a new service firm, Quickie Quickie Trac Trac! (Field Operations)
  • You shut off a dripping faucet and got a free pass to a water park!
  • Dean-R caught you putting fake plasticreds into a vending machine (which you’re SURE were not fake before) and ‘The Powers That Be’ at the time in the sector were particularly harsh on you. Apparently there’s been a counterfeit plasticred problem at the time, and they needed an ‘example’ You were Terminated. The lousy snitch (and probably the one that framed you in the first place) was promoted to ORANGE clearance for turning you in. Oh you’d LOVE to get some dirt on that guy…

Tom-R-KIT always liked two things most: tinkering with hardware devices, and not getting caught while sneaking around. Early in life, he was unceremoniously broken of the habit of stealing other devices to play with from his contemporaries. He was eventually found by a group of INFRAREDs given a punishment that, though blessedly not as brutal as termination, has still scared him to this day. Yes, he was confined for the remainder of his developmental years.

As a result of this, he not only became more than noticeably overweight, but he began to take a great affinity for mechanics and metal of all kinds, and quickly developed the strange tic of talking brutally to hardware and machines. When he came out, he had a psychological complex, making him believe firmly that when a machine began to break, it was playing against him, and thus had to be dominated and intimidated back into working order.

Finding little comfort in other clones, he was noticed for his ability to work with metal objects. And so he was sent to work in Information Security, where he happily managed all of the easily scratchable information devices with the same care one gives to a pet. In addition, he became irritated when the machines were malfunctioning, as he thought this meant they were happy to see the suffering of otherwise helpless and innocent information wares. Using his sneaking abilities again, he was able to overstep his job description several times without notice and fix the faulty machines himself.

It was at this point that he began to sympathize with the Humanist Cause.

His logic was this: every month of so, an innocent information disc was damaged at the hands of an unruly robot. The fact that they kept malfunctioning to such a frequency, he thought, must be related to a spreading anarchist sentiment among the robot kind. He could see their logic, of course. Disks and Raw Metals were treated with care and adoration, while robots routinely had their skin torn off and their insides prodded. In the Humanist group, he found contemporaries like Ed FishMuffin, who began to teach of a time when robots were subjugated by the human race. His suspicion grew into a full blown conspiracy of the robot overthrow of man by key data-destruction. He initiated himself there, and even rewired some of the robots at his company to be much more kind to the humanist cause.

However, he was then caught overstepping his bound and repairing an automated crane within the company. Though the anarchic device was expertly repaired, it made the man in charge of doing it unhappy. Happiness, being mandatory, could lead to the companies destruction if all people did not have it. So he was sent to another employment assignment in Field Operations.

Though at first he was crushed, and still believes that the crane egged him on to swear at it until other men were alerted, he eventually was taught by his group to see it as an strategic advance. He fully devoted himself to the task of reigning in machine insanity and anarcy and harnessing them for the good of geographical placement. He still thinks back to the CDs there, and how the robots got rid of him, which only fuels his involvement in the Humanist ranks.

He joined a Form Checking Society as a way to keep tabs on other robots at his old firm, and elsewhere. He’s found a bit of solace by indulging in light drugs. Recently, he’s acquired a few tabs of LSD, which have helped his cause in interesting ways. He especially enjoys tinkering while using it, as suddenly the wires and parts feel more alive to him. Though his source for this has only recently been realized, he is quite eager to see how it help his repair and modification abilities in the troubleshooting team.


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