Ex Happiness Officer

Name Roy-O-HBL
Gender Male
Service Group R&D
Service Firm Type Goo Cleanup
Service Firm GooBeGone
MBD Happiness Officer

  • Always loves a good explosion
  • hath a lithp (has a lisp)

Action Skills
Management 7 Stealth 6 Violence 9
Chutzpah 11 Security Systems 10 Energy Weapons 13
Intimidation 1 Shadowing 1 Agility 13
Hygiene 5 - - Hand Weapons 1
Sound as if Everything is All Right When it Isn’t 13 - - Temporarily Blind Opponent by Sneezing in Their Eyes 15
Knowledge Skills
Hardware 4 Software 8 Wetware 6
- - Bot Programming 12 Pharmatherapy 10
- - Vehicle Programming 12 Biosciences 1
- - C-Bay 1 - -
- - Data Search 1 - -

Mutation Adrenaline Control
Registered? No
SecSoc Communists
Degree 2

Secret Mission:

Your secret mission during this Troubleshooter Mission is simple. Fail. Make sure your team does not succeed at its goal.

Secret Skills
Uncommon Demolition 13
Unlikely Tractor Maintenance 19
Unhealthy Propaganda 19

Power 18
Access 1

Assigned Items
1 Laser pistol body (no barrel) (R)
1 RED Reflec (O)
1 Series 1300 Personal Digital Companion (PDC) (R)
2 RED Laser Pistol Barrels
1 Morale Kit
Personal Items
774 Credits
1 ME Card
2 RED Laser Pistol Barrels
1 Pen (R)
1 Pack of Cancer-Lite Cigarettes (20 in pack) (R)
1 HotTorch®
1 Gas Mask®
Treasonous Items
1 Tongue cover with ID tattoo of Griff-Y-SQP
1 Hammer (O)
1 Utility knife multi-tool (B)

When he was inducted in Research and Development, Roy thought he would be on the cutting edge, designing equipment that would change Alpha Complex itself for the better. Unfortunately, he got assigned to GooBeGone and now spends his daycycle cleaning up rather suspicious stains. His hygiene has suffered for it and now, on a bad daycycle, Roy can be smelled up to three rooms away. He doesn’t do anything about it because, hey, as soon as he goes back to work he’s gonna stink again. Why bother?

Despite the tremendous amount of uppers coursing through his system, he still despises his job. After one particularly disgusting cleanup, he decided to finally do something about it. Soon afterwards, his RED supervisor was found to be a Death Leopard (well, their propaganda was found in his equipment locker, anyway) and was sent away. The INFRARED who turned him in was promoted and took his place. Of course, that IR was Roy. A few of his former IR buddies thought this was somewhat suspicious, but learned to keep their concerns quiet after one was found dead on the job, buried under an enormous pile of pinkish goop.

His promotion caught the eye of influential Communist Marvin-Y-NIE, who took the little dirtbag under his wing. Thanks to his training, Roy now knows nearly every piece of Communist propaganda by heart. His first assignment was to slip a copy of the Communist Manifesto into the Intersector PDC Address book before it was printed, which he completed successfully. At least, he thinks he did. Since he figured he was going to need a cover if he was going to continue this treasonous road, he went out to the IR market and purchased a tongue cover with the ID tattoo of a one Griff-Y-SQP, whoever that is.


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