Escaped from IntSec. Was hunted and erased for being a Franky & PURGE member, thanks to tokens plants by Isaac-O and Howard-R, respectively….

Name Quentin-R-PAD
Gender Male
Service Group PLC
Service Firm Type BLUE Room Caterers
Service Firm Stove Rangers
MBD Public Relations Officer

  • Unable to pass up a good deal.
  • Unable to avoid at least an attempt at haggling. The less dangerous the outcome, the more he’ll haggle.

Action Skills
Management 10 Stealth 9 Violence 6
Con Games 18 Sleight of Hand 13 Energy Weapons 10
Moxie 14 Surveilance 1 Fine Manipulation 10
Chutzpah 14 - - Demolition 1
Interrogation 1 - - - -
Intimidation 1 - - - -
Oratory 1 - - - -
Knowledge Skills
Hardware 4 Software 4 Wetware 8
- - - - Medical 12
- - - - Outdoor Life 1

Mutation Pyrokinesis
Registered? No
SecSoc Free Enterprise
Degree 1

Secret Mission:

It is suspected that the culprit of the murders you will be investigating may be a new sort of bot, possibly experimental. If it is, do not allow your team to destroy it. Capture it undamaged, as ordered by your briefing officer. We have other members ready to make sure we get it once you have turned it in. Make sure that it is delivered to Warehouse WRC/374-A.

Also, we have been given to understand that one of your team has an Old Reckoning relic of some sort. We have a Romantic buyer waiting for it. Get it.

Secret Skills
Uncommon Haggling 16
Unlikely Advertising & Marketing 8
Unhealthy Bribery 3

Power 8
Access 2

Assigned Items
1 Laser pistol body (no barrel) (R)
1 RED Reflec (O)
1 Series 1300 Personal Digital Companion (PDC) (R)
2 RED Laser Pistol Barrels
Personal Items
-900 Credits
1 ME Card
1 Gas Mask®
2 Grenades®
1 Qualine (EZ-DUZ-IT) pint bottles®
1 Tella-O Sports Bottle® half filled with Qualine. Has a Visomorpain tablet dissolved in the Qualine.
1 Pack of Mint-O’s Breath Fresheners (sent by FE for product placement)
Treasonous Items
1 Ice Gun (G)
1 Metal Hip Flask (G) contains 1 pint of Qualine
1 Nightvision Goggles (I)

Pachinko Results:
  1. You’ve met Dean-O, your team leader, before. You seem to remember him trying to recruit your for something or other, but you weren’t really interested. (Dean-O hates him)
  2. Uh oh! You accidentally let a door close on a RED customer’s face at your old job at a Package Delivery Services Service Firm (Comp-Ex), earning you a 20cr fine, and getting you ‘downsized,’ moving to your current position. Ursula-R, your old co-worker, saw it happen and thought you were sorely over-punished. She’s been your friend ever since.
  3. Multi:
    • You got a new hairdo: SHAVED! (+1 Access)
    • “Surely your roommate will forgive your tampering with his medication, if he revives.” ( +1 Wetware)
    • You’re addicted to Qualine (EZ-DUZ-IT)
    • You went on a trip to the IR Market and picked up an Ice Gun (GREEN Clearance)


Quentin began his illustrious career in Package Delivery, for a firm called Pops-Packages. Times were good, the work was easy, and everyday serving FC was a joyus one. Quentin enjoyed his work, but quickly found there were more credits to be made on the side. Some small packages went missing here and there, and Quentin was able to sell these on the IR, allowing him a slightly better lifestyle than the other IR’s around him. Whilst spending one of his dayoffcycles up to his favourite fun pastime of wheeling and dealing at the IR market, he was approached by a very interesting gent, who – for a small fee – introduced him to the world of Free Enterprise.

And so time passed by, as Quentin strived to be both good at his job, and good at selling. He was smart enough to ensure that packages went missing from the quota of almost every clone in his department – except one. And this one, he had learnt, was to be called the Patsy.

In due course, some Goons in Blue outfits came and took poor Patsey away for questioning. A sad day. Well, no, a happy day, Quentin didn’t like Patsy especially well in the first place. Downside was that the Orange supervisor then told all the IR workers to go home, as some higher-ups would be comming by to do an “audit”...whatever that is. Still, sounded bad. Very bad when you consider that your own personal locker is stuffed with contraband, and there’s no way you can get to it!!

Fortune favours the bold, so they say, and the audit never came to pass. The depot, it seems, caught fire around the time the building was being locked up, and all evidance was destroyed. Most unfortunate. Well, no, not really. Quite lucky, in fact. For Quentin anyhow.

It wasn’t long before another company (Comp-Ex) recruited some of the staff from the now defunct “Pops-Packages”. Ursula-R was one of Quentin’s fellow workers who got a position there. And it wasn’t long before things were back to their usual patter. Quentin working hard, and “playing hard”.

Then the bad thing happened.

Still unfaminilar with the layout of the new building, Quentin darted in through a door, having just completed his last delivery for the day. Eager to be away and down to the IR market to haggle and deal, he failed to notice the moronic Red citizen just behind him. As the door swung back, Quentin could tell from the faces in the room that something wasn’t good behind him. He slowly turned around to discover a the Red Citizen holding a bloody nose.

Quentins Boss hauled him into the office, and after an hours good shouting, told him his fate would be decided soon enough, and that he would be carefully watched for signs of missbehaviour from that moment on. Even though Ursula-R tried to speak in his defence, it was no good.

The actual punnishment was delayed for months, during which time Quentin had to forgo his pilfering, and only paid rare visits to the Market, for fear of observation. His nerves were fraid, and frequent visits to the company Happiness Officer lead to a dependancy on Ez-Duz-It.

Some nightcyles, Quentin would wander the sectors near his work and him, doped up on whatever meds the happiness officer had given him (mixed with those he had been able to aquire himself – the happiness officer was rarley NOT dopped to the eyeballs, and hadn’t a clue what stocks there should have been). It was on one such night, Quentins was approached by Dean-R with regards to joining something. Soo many drugs in the system, however, that Quentin only vaugley remembers the incident.

Then the actual punishment arrived, a fine, and a shuffle into a post with far less chance to steal. A sales clerk – monitored by supervisors nearly all the time, working behind a desk… no packages near easy to hide crannies, no other people in the tiny office to blame missing items on. It was all too much. Although he could once again visit the IR, without the extra funds his package racket had fetched in, keeping stocked up on EZ-DUZ-IT was becomming a problem. As was Bob-r, a fellow worker and well known stoolie.

Quentin traded some items he’d been keeping in reserve to a few of his fellow FE members, and managed to aquire some medical lessons. With these, and a well placed bribe – he was assured that should his company ever require a new happiness officer, he would be next in line.

A couple of days after this, Quentin was playing with an interesting “executive” toy in the office. Rob-R saw it, and the two got into a heated discussion. In the end, Quentin back down, and pursuaded Bob to keep quiet by giving him the “toy”. Bob agreed.

Foolish, foolish bob.

Fire- tradgic things, fires. Within a few short days a fire had broken out at the home of the current happiness office. Such a sad event.

Well, no, not really. Solved Quentin’s EZ-DUZ-IT supply problem at anyrate. So I guess, from some point of views, it was another of those… forunate.. events. It was even MORE fortunate when the goons came to investigae, and Quentin was able to inform them of his suspicions about Bob-R, especially as he’d seen Bob playing with a weird item just a few days before the fire.

Ignoreing Bob-R’s protests, the goons stormed his dwelling, and discovered the remote trigger for an incendary bomb!

And now, favoured by his boss for finding the troublemaker, and with a good supply of EZ-DUZ-IT when between missions, Quentin has been prodly promoted to R, and is, as always, happy to serve Friend Computer.

The Beginning….


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