Hygiene Officer (Registered Mutant)

Name Isaac-O-MEL
Gender Male
Service Group Technical Services
Service Firm Type Tech Support
Service Firm Bot Helpers
MBD Hygiene Officer/Public Relations Officer

  • Tends to talk like a bot when annoyed or angry
  • Likes to compare clone to various bot models

Action Skills
Management 6 Stealth 6 Violence 5
Bootlicking 10 Surveillance 10 Energy Weapons 9
Interrogation 1 Shadowing 1 Unarmed Combat 3
Knowledge Skills
Hardware 10 Software 10 Wetware 4
Bot Ops and Maintenance 17 Bot Programming 18 - -
Electronic Engineering 14 Operating Systems 14 - -
Habitat Engineering 1 C-Bay 1 - -
Weapon & Armor Maintenance 1 Financial Systems 1 - -

Mutation Matter Eater
Registered? Yes
SecSoc Illuminati (Corpore Metal)
Degree 1 (1)

SecSoc Missions:

Illuminati: “Your mission is to frame the Frankenstein Destroyers for the crimes you will investigate. The contents of the pouch will help.”

Corpore Metal: “The higher ups want you to find out what’s going on. Someone’s trying to frame us for the crimes you’ll be investigating, and they want to know who. Ok, sure, whoever’s doing this stuff is doing us a favor, in a way, but the last thing we need is ol’ FC calling down a crackdown on us. So figure out who’s trying to frame us and stop them. You got that? Oh, and if you can, diverting the blame onto some other SecSoc might be nice, too, but mainly we just want to get the heat off of us.”

Secret Skills
Uncommon Cyborging 7
Unlikely Botspotting 18
Unhealthy Bioweapons 8

Power 20
Access 1

Assigned Items
1 Laser pistol body (no barrel) (R)
1 ORANGE Reflec (O)
1 Series 1300 Personal Digital Companion (PDC) (R)
1 ORANGE Laser Pistol Barrel (O) (Cracked)
1 Portable Hygiene Kit with Skin Core Sampler®
1 Fingerprinting Kit (O)
1 Plastic Pen (IR)
Personal Items
-1050 Credits
1 ME Card
1 Tella-O Sports Bottle® half-filled with an unknown drug. (Qualine, belonged to Quentin-R)
Treasonous Items
1 December 1992 Issue of Playboy
1 Small black pouch full of ‘Frankenstein Destroyers’ tokens (pieces of metal or plastic of various shapes and sizes with FD symbols on them)
1 Indestructable Loyalty Transcripts Recorder, type 1® (stolen from Aken-R-BSH)
Pachinko Results:
  1. Multi:
    1. You tried boxing a jackobot. Your knuckles should heal up in a few weeks. -2 Unarmed Combat (already accounted for on sheet)
    2. As an Illuminati mission, you replaced all the Mutation Registration forms at the local IntSec kiosk with Termination Vouchers. You’re pretty sure there wasn’t a camera around… (Punishment: Brainscrub, Evidence: Hidden Camera, need Surveillance)
  2. Tracy-R of Armed Forces doesn’t like you because she thinks you got the best bed in the dormitory.
  3. You failed at your Illuminati mission to kill an INDIGO citizen because some do-gooding RED pulled her out of the way of the autohack you were driving. You found out later that the do-gooder was some Armed Forces grunt named Aken-R. That guy cost you a ticket further into your society’s hierarchy!
  4. You saw the AF grunt again later. Too bad he saw you first. The little snitch saw you eating something you shouldn’t have been able to and turned you in for your Matter Eating mutation. Only some fast talking got you out of a swift termination, but you were forced to register and fined 2000 credits. (yes, you’re in debt now)
  5. You manage to stop giggling whenever someone says ‘WYSIWYG.’ +1 Software (already accounted for on sheet)
  6. “See those thrush pipes? That’s a TH17 Mark 3 jackbot!” You joined a BotSpotters club, +3 to Bot Ops and Maintenance (already accounted for on sheet) but one day, you were so busy checking out a HB42 Scrubot that you didn’t yell as a passing citizen who was being censured. Unfortunately, a passing GREEN citizen noticed and fined you 50 credits, but now Larry-R thinks you’re his friend since you didn’t censure him.
  7. You turned your (ex)supervisor in for Humanist membership (thanks to some carefully placed propaganda provided by your Corpore Metal contact). They were demoted and terminated, you were promoted and praised by The Computer on all public vidscreens. You are now ORANGE clearance. Ralph-O (formerly Ralph-Y) wants revenge, though.
  8. You found an ancient Old Reckoning publication, featuring many unclothed female citizens in several unfathomable positions. It has the title Playboy, which is odd since you can’t seem to find any boys inside, and has the Old Reckoning date December 1992. You’re sure some Romantic might find it interesting. Maybe you can find a buyer later. You’d better hold on to it.

Isaac was born into the MEL sector Creche 3A. He was a non-treasonously weird JC, actually respecting the crechebot and following it around, asking non-treasonously strange questions about its design. The crechebot soon took note and introduced the young clone to bot superiority in the form of Corpore Metal. When Isaac grew up, he naturally became part of the Tech Services work force. Almost as naturally he got promoted to RED. Later, he and a jackobot got into a dispute about which model of vacuumtube works better for a foundrybot’s monitor with the models XEO4539 and WHY3950 in question. After only about a minute after the jackobot’s claim that the WHY3950’s PSI was twice as much as the XEO4539, Isaac snapped. He jabbed and uppercutted, ducked and weaved, till most of the skin cells on his knuckles were gone. Heck he did so well that some of the skin cells STAYED, that’s right STAYED, on the jackobot’s chassis. Isaac almost got kicked out of Copore Metal for this stunt, but he somehow manged to roll a 1…um, I mean, he bootlicked to the bots to let him stay, and they did. But his boxing was not without benefits. The Illuminati saw how many skin cells were on the jackobot and they were impressed. They contacted Isaac and told him to join them, for he would become all powerful. Isaac agreed, hoping to become a bot and a bot master…


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