Happiness Officer

Name Howard-R-WST
Gender Male
Service Group Research & Design
Service Firm Type Biological Niceness Indexers
Service Firm Bio-Congenix Corporation
MBD Happiness Officer

  • Jumps a foot in the air when startled
  • Whistles when worried

Action Skills
Management 8 Stealth 5 Violence 8
Bootlicking 12 Concealment 7 Energy Weapons 12
Con Games 12 Sneak into breakroom at work 11 Thrown Weapons 6
Intimidation 12 - - Shadow boxing 14
Interrogation 1 - - - -
Moxie 1 - - - -
Chutzpah 1 - - - -
3-Card Monte 14 - - - -
Knowledge Skills
Hardware 7 Software 7 Wetware 8
Repair my PDC 13 Data Search 11 Medical 12
- - Vehicle Programming 1 Pharmatherapy 1
- - Data Search: Biological Niceness 13 Cloning 12
- - - - Surgically reattach thumbs 14

Mutation Light Control
Registered? No
SecSoc Illuminati (Communists)
Degree 1 (1)

Secret Missions:

Illuminati: “Good morningcycle. We have a very special task for you todaycycle. On the mission you are about to embark on, you will be investigating a crime, or rather, series of crimes. You are to see to it that it appears that the Secret Society, PURGE is behind them. To aid you, you will be given a pouch full of PURGE artifacts.”

Communists: “Greetings, Comrade. Your secret mission during this Troubleshooter Mission is simple. Fail. Make sure your team does not succeed at its goal.”

Secret Skills
Uncommon Demolition 11
Unlikely Partying 8
Unhealthy Communist Propaganda 4 Gambling 17

Power 14
Access 1

Assigned Items
1 Laser pistol body (no barrel) [R]
1 RED Reflec®
1 Series 1300 Personal Digital Companion (PDC) [R]
1 Morale Kit
3 RED Laser Pistol Barrels
Personal Items
86 Credits
1 ME Card
4 Laser pistol barrels®
1 Truncheon®
6 Grenades®
24 BBB: Extra Classic®
1 Plastic Pen [IR]
3 RED Ink Refills®
Treasonous Items
1 5 gallon tub of Pink Flavor Cold Fun [O]
1 Sonic Pistol [O]
1 Package of NEW! Bioluminescent Hot Fun [O]
1 Blank Termination voucher signed by a VIOLET
1 Keycard for any lock GREEN or lower [I]
1 INFRARED pouch full of PURGE ‘tokens’

Pachinko Results:

    1. “C’mon, seven… seven… seven… Bot Eyes? Crap!” You learned Gambling.
    2. But you got caught at it and fined 100 cr.
    3. Isaac-R (now Isaac-O), who you were playing with when you were caught, got away and now thinks that you covered for him. (You have minor blackmail material on Isaac-O)
  1. You got a ponytail. Your boss, Gene-B, didn’t like it, though. (Could have something to do with his own lack of hair) He’s had a chip on his shoulder ever since.
    1. You got traded from your old job as a Hazmat Handler to your shiny new job as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Somehow, in the move, some NEW! Bioluminescent Hot Fun (ORANGE) found its way into your possession.
    2. Your old co-worker, Jake, was angling for that job, and now hates your bootlicking guts.
  2. Congratulations! You were terminated… erm… oops? Anyway, you were terminated for being in a Communist meeting. You were terminated by Phil-R, who is an IntSec agent, who mistook you for Roy-R.
    1. “I put a diode on that? Is that even a muscle?” You joined an Electromuscular Sequencing club. (+2 Power)
    2. You have a Blank Termination voucher signed by a VIOLET.
  3. Surely your roommate will forgive your tampering with his medication. (+1 Wetware)
    1. You got a few tips about hiding stuff. (+2 Concealment)
    2. ...from your Illuminati masters who sent you on a mission to poison some TeaSir that went to a High Programmer’s estate, which you succeeded at. (If caught: Erasure. Need Biosciences to find evidence.)
  4. “So that’s what’s inside a PDC!” (+1 Hardware)
    1. “Pull the pin? I’ve already thrown the grenade.” (-2 Thrown Weapons)
    2. You went to the IR Market and found a Keycard for any lock GREEN or lower.
  5. You wrestled over the last Cold Fun… and won! (+1 Violence)

As a hazmat handler I was used to taking risks and so started gambling figuring “Why not? I am gambling with my life every day so why not gamble with credits?” I won quite a bit of money before getting caught but spent it all. The Illuminati recruited me via the usual method IOW kidnapped and then given a choice to join or die. They wanted someone to join the Commies and they picked me for that wonderful assignment. My first clone was then killed after being caught by Phil-R. I do the absolute minimum for the Communists mainly because I don’t want to lose clone number 2 over them. I never liked my boss which is why I wear a ponytail. It is a form of petty revenge. I joined a muscular sequencing club EAP because a friend in my barracks joined. I was moved to quality control engineer because of some minor blackmail material on my boss and he had to throw in the hot fun on top of it. I tampered with the meds of a roomate I can’t stand but he survived it. I was nervous as hell about poisoning a High Programmer but swiped the blank termination voucher while I was there. I forgot to pull the pin before throwing the grenade in Troubleshooter training and got away with it because it was the first day. It was embaressing as hell though and I cringe every time I throw something which is what gives the -2. I got lucky at the IR mart as the seller had no idea of the value of the card. On the last day before I was officially promoted to red there was a small celebration in the barracks with prizes being awarded and the prize for wrestling was the last of the Cold Fun.


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