Voted Off

Name Hayate-R-GTK
Gender Male
Service Group PLC
Service Firm Type Inventory System Updaters
Service Firm Elucidated Brotherhood of the Bleeding Edge
MBD Equipment Officer

  • Can’t help staring at female clones in inappropriate places.
  • Is fascinated with Japanese culture, could be mistaken for a romantic that is exclusive to old Japaneses movies, commercials, and fads.

Action Skills
Management 6 Stealth 4 Violence 10
Chutzpah 13 Sleight of Hand 8 Energy Weapons 14
Con Games 10 Surveilance 1 Vehicular Weapons 14
Intimidation 1 - - Field Weapons 1
- - - - Fight with lucky knife, “Kodachi” 16
Knowledge Skills
Hardware 10 Software 5 Wetware 5
Bot Ops and Maintenance 14 Bot Programming 9 Pharmatherapy 9
Nuclear Engineering 1 Vehicle Programming 1 Medical 1

Mutation Charm
Registered? No
SecSoc Humanist
Degree 1

Secret Mission:

Greetings. We’ve arranged that you be assigned to a Troubleshooter mission. You should have received your notification by now. We have a task for you while you are on this mission. Hide the Humanist involvement in the crimes you’ll be sent to investigate. We are not the main culprits, but we did something for the ones who are. We do not wish to draw undue attention to ourselves and invite a crackdown on our activities, so you are to make sure that our involvement is not discovered, by whatever means necessary. Divert suspicion to another Society if you can. Success will be greatly rewarded, while failure will be equally punished.

Secret Skills
Uncommon Marital Arts 16
Unlikely Japanese Language 14
Unhealthy Old Reckoning Cultures 3 Free Enterprise Twitchtalk 13

Power 19
Access 1

Assigned Items
1 Laser pistol body (no barrel) (R)
1 RED Reflec (O)
1 Series 1300 Personal Digital Companion (PDC) (R)
2 RED Laser Pistol Barrels
Personal Items
825 Credits
1 ME Card
1 Multicorder I®
1 Knife with Kodachi written on it in Japanese in black®
2 RED Laser Pistol Barrels
5 meters of Plastcord®
Treasonous Items
0 None (gasp!)

Pachinko Results:
  1. Multi:
    • You’ve somehow managed to pick up Free Enterprise Twitchtalk skill (at 13)
    • “That’s just a marketing technique, right?” You thought ‘tacnuke’ was a new algae chip flavor and shipped a box to an INFRARED cafeteria. Better hope that invoice got lost in the shuffle like normal. (erasure if caught, use Moxie to catch)
  2. Multi:
    • “For this next scene, you pretend to be a mutant traitor.” You joined an Amateur Dramatics. (and get a free Multicorder (RED))
    • “Looks like you’re getting seconds for dessert tonight” You took a bribe to deliver extra Cold Fun to a cafeteria. You’re pretty sure there were no cameras around… (use Surveillance to catch)
  3. Back in creche, you had buddy named Anne-GTK. You always helped her cheat on her tests. You hear that she’s YELLOW clearance now, and working at the HPD&MC firm SuperFun Gameshow Productions, the company running the show that’s recording this mission for the PBEM Network. Perhaps you can call in some favors at some point…
  4. You were caught sleeping on the job and were ‘downsized’ from IR Catering Limited, your old service firm. But now you’ve got this wonderful new job at the Inventory System Updaters firm, Elucidated Brotherhood of the Bleeding Edge .
  5. Multi:
    • “Is too! Is not! Is too! Is not! Is not! Is too!” You joined a Debating society. (and got +3 to Chutzpah)
    • You’re pretty sure that Quentin-R-PAD once stole 100 credits from your jumpsuit while you were showering. You were never able to prove it, though. Wow! If you ever see him again, you’d love to get him back somehow.


Hayate-GTK-1 was decanted 21 years ago using the Asian genetic template. Name was randomly chosen from Names.JPN.doc to match the Asian template. Was educated in a PLC creche by TeachBot A-1220-A22 to perform many menial tasks. That’s where he met Anne-GTK, they got into the typical mischief newly decanted clones got into, which is to say, not a lot of it. They both really enjoyed playing make beliefs in their free time. The typical stuff we all played before, like playing HME-Sector, and playing DocBot. Such activities gave them both an interest in the oratory and acting domains. Which would later lead to his enrollment in Amateur Dramatics and a debating Society. His close relationship at a young age with a clone of the different sex couldn’t help but raise questions about what he was taught. Of course such curiosity was stamped down by his TeachBot, or so they thought. The inkling sensation that something was not right with the way humanity worked couldn’t help remaining in his mind.

Later when he grew up he was assigned to sector GTK’s mechanical production plant to perform the fun duties of an IR clone. He spent a few years assembling bot parts in a plant that was operated by Free Enterprise Blues, and couldn’t help but notice the odd signs and lingo the upper management would use to communicate to each other. After a while he realized they were, without doubt members of a secret society. He took that opportunity to report the fact to IntSec… Next thing he knew, he was promoted to Red clearance, transfered to IR Catering Limited, and two of the upper management Blues were missing. He was surprised, nay, shocked to find out they got such a bad punishment. This raised more doubts toward Alpha Complex and the Computer. Was this really fair? Should clones’ lives be really thrown away so easily? Was the computer really supposed to decide who lives and who dies? And beside, were we really meant to be cloned from vats? It just made no sense to him.

Altho he kept those questions to himself. The Humanists still managed to get wind of his dissatisfaction with the Computer and it’s “Utopia” and approached him. It took very little convincing to recruit Hayate-R-GTK-1 under their ranks. Once joining them, he took a great interest in the way humans was meant to be, especially about his origins (Or at least, Genetical origins) and about natural reproduction. He found out his name was from a country named Nippon(Japan), and got access to linguistic archives that the humanists had acquired. That’s where he learned the language of his people, Nihon-go (Japanese) and learned a small bit about their culture from cultural archives that the humanists share with the romantics.

Today he’s a Happy employee of the Elucidated Brotherhood of the Bleeding Edge thanks to a little snafu while on the job. Since he’s well aware all the drugs the computer is forcing him to take are only muting his real human impulses he’s long tried to avoid taking his medications. That means no Wakey pills during work shifts, so he found himself dozing off at his station, which failed to impress his bosses. And found himself transfered. It’s a shame because his work in the catering industry allowed him to gain easy access to grown food, a great way to feed himself while avoiding all those pesky hormone suppressants.

He’s been working at his current ever since, and aside a few mistake here and there (He hopes very much that IR cafeteria 342-TDA was really taken out by commies that had acquired tacnukes like HPD-MC says and not as a direct result of one of his more drastic blunders. Friend Computer or IntSec has yet to have risen questions about it but he still can’t help sleeping on one ear.) he has been doing a satisfactory job while meeting with his humanist cell when time permits. Apparently his zeal toward humanity has impressed somebody important because he now finds himself part of a troubleshooter team with a very delicate mission to handle. This could be because of his decent ability at defending himself with his trusty lucky knife, which he calls, for some reason ‘Kodachi’ and has developed a very unique fighting style with it, based on old reckoning information he collection about his ‘people’.

So as you might have gathered, I’ve chosen Japanese as my language skill. Also, I’m wondering if you could give me a narrow violence specialty with my lucky knife, Kodachi. Of course, it’s just a normal knife, but he uses it as if it were a Kodachi. I can assure you I wouldn’t use it that much. Since anyone seeing me fight with it would certainly see it as a treasonous skill, what with shouting random threats in Japanese and acting like a Samurai while doing it. And any other melee weapons just don’t work with it. Only with Kodachi. And no knife could replace it. Since a Samurai cannot replace his weapon once it is lost or broken.


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