Loyalty Officer

Name Aken-R-BSH
Gender Male
Service Group Armed Forces
Service Firm Type Crowd Control
Service Firm Ped-X Busters
MBD Loyalty Officer

  • Marches and bellows loudly
  • Throws himself in the way of danger (or HotFun), action hero style

Action Skills
Management 7 Stealth 7 Violence 10
Intimidation 11 High Alert 11 Energy Weapons 18
Con Games 1 Security Systems 1 Projectile Weapons 14
- - - - Fine Manipulation 1
- - - - Field Weapons 14
- - - - Thrown Weapons 1
Knowledge Skills
Hardware 6 Software 4 Wetware 5
Weapon & Armor Maintenance 10 - - Biosciences 9
Nuclear Engineering 1 - - Outdoor Life 1

Mutation Ventriloquist
Registered? No
SecSoc Anti-Mutant
Degree 2

Secret Mission:

We have recieved word of your upcoming Troubleshooter Mission, and have learned that one Dean-O-KTI will be on your team. We have reason to believe that this citizen may be a mutant with the Empathy mutation. Investigate this, find proof, and deal with him as appropriate. If there is ever an opportunity to gloat in the filthy mutie’s face about his unmasking, tell him Greg-G sends his regards.

Secret Skills
Uncommon Power Studies 19
Unlikely Comic Book Trivia 7
Unhealthy Twitchtalk 15

Power 14
Access 1

Assigned Items
1 Laser pistol body (no barrel) (R)
1 ORANGE Reflec (O)
1 Series 1300 Personal Digital Companion (PDC) (R)
2 RED Laser Pistol Barrels
1 Indestructable Loyalty Transcripts Recorder, type 1® (stolen by Isaac-O-MEL, but never noticed)
1 roll of Treason Scene Tape®
Personal Items
-45 Credits
1 ME Card
1 Bullhorn, with Megabooster®
3 Fun Fun Firecrackers® (Thinks he has 5: 2 were stolen by Quentin-R, but he never noticed)
3 Grenades®
2 Extra Classic cans of B3®
1 Pink Single-Serving Cold Fun Cone®
1 Brass Knuckles®
Treasonous Items
1 Hand Flamer (V)

Aken-BSH was focused on Armed Forces even in the creche, where he would march around and bellow at the other junior citizens. Neither he nor the others in his creche remember what he bellowed, since, well, everything is basically wiped after your junior day. And, as he was skilled in marching and bellowing, he was put into Armed Forces as an INFRARED grunt under the direct command of Ray-O-BSH. He still marched aroudn with heavy feet and bellowed at his fellow INFRAREDS, but since they were all rather drugged neither he nor they remember exactly what he bellowed. But he did it so often that he got the nickname ‘Stompy Loudclone,’ since, well, he stomped when he marched and he was loud.

One fateful day, Ray-O-BSH was attempting to open a packet of Instant E-Z-Soup… the wrong way. From across the room, Aken-BSH saw what was about to transpire, and in a drug induced expiditous assault, ran across the room and bravely threw himself in the way of the nearly fatally hot liquid, thus saving Ray-O’s crotch from fiery soup liquids. Noticing Aken-BSH’s bravery and how he exemplified that bravery, Ray-O set out to promote him to RED. Now as a RED, Aken-R was put into Shield Toady Enterprises, as he obviously had a talent for being a shield. That job was actually pretty droll, and Aken-R found himself interceding between the clone he had to protect and stray HotFun packets. When he wasn’t stomping around marchingly, of course. Then, another fateful day happened. Several HotFun packets were thrown into a crowd of INFRAREDs, causing them to, of course, riot. Fortunatly, Aken-R and his guardee were out of the crowd. Unfortunately, the riot crowd prevented an autohack from going the way it was supposed to, so it went the path of least resistance… right at Aken-R’s clone. Once again, Aken-R threw himself at danger and, in mid jumped, pulled the clone out of the way as if they were in an episode of Tella-O. Aken-R hit the ground rolling, and his laser pistol fell out of its holster into his hand. He scrambled to his feet and fired a warning shot at the autohack. His shot was right on target, right across the cab of the autohack. There was, however, a light fixture in the path of the laser beam; it exploded into an explosion that frightened all of the rioting INFRAREDs into subservience. Ped-X-Busters was Aken-R’s next job. That, too, was somewhat boring, since by now HotFun packets had been rather regulated due to their tendancy to cause riots. While back at the Ped-X-Busters headquarters, though, Aken-R came upon a Tech Services clone, trying to get into a locked hygiene station in order to fix it. The citizen got rather peeved at it being locked, and in front of Aken-R started to eat the doorknob in a futile attempt to get into the hygiene station! Aken-R grabbed the citizen by the reflec and marched him to the others in the squad, bellowing about his treason. The mutant still had half of the doorknob in his mouth, so Aken-R was vindicated, and the filthy mutie was sent to be terminated. However, the mutie somehow squirmed his way out of being terminated, and bootlicked his way into a fine, a registration, and an eventual promotion. The turning in of the mutant, however, brought Aken-R up to degree 2 in his secsoc, which was gained some time ago.

(Isaac-O-MEL is both the autohack driver he thwarted, and the mutie he turned in.)


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