The Bot Murders

Turn 132


Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 4: Debriefing

Turn 132: Grenades!!

Howard-R pulls out his pistol and goes toward the closet door, saying, “Die you filthy traitor!”

Phil-R starts pulling out grenades. (Yes, that’s a plural…)

Dean-O draws this laser and says, “Terminations are super! I just love extreme prejudice!!”

Suddenly, the voice of Friend Computer comes out of the nearby speakers, saying, “Belay that order. Put away your guns. A vid show host does not decide over life or death. I do! Vengeance is mine, sayeth Friend Computer.

Howard-R stops and says, “Yes, Friend Computer.” He puts away his pistol.

Dean-O also puts away his weapon, says, “Isn’t belaying the greatest!? Hehehe!!”

Phil-R, apparently thinking that The Computer only said to put away guns, but didn’t say anything about grenades. He pulls the pins and only then notices the door is closed. He chucks the grenades in the general direction of the door anyway and runs just as fast as he can.


Aken-R opens the door and says, “Oh, we have only audio? What would you have me…” He breaks off as he sees the grenades, and does the only evasive maneuver he can: He closes the door again. One of the grenades just happens to bounce into the hole that Isaac-O earlier chewed into the door.

Howard-R also sees the grenades and tries to run, but trips over something in the carpet and stumbles just long enough… one of the grenades bounces in his direction.

Dean-O is too busy giggling to himself to notice anything as trivial as a bunch of grenades about to go off in his general location.

Isaac-O had never paused when leaving, so is far enough away to only hear the


The door to the supply closet is shattered by the blasts, and so is Aken-R. The crime scene is irretrievably contaminated with bits of him. Dean-O and Howard-R end up as something the scrubots will have to clean up off of the wall, the floor, the ceiling, and the nearest cubicles.

Phil-R shortly catches up with Isaac-O and they continue on toward debriefing.

After everyone has left, Eula-R wakes up, and looks around at the remnants of the nearby explosion as she stands. She looks angry as she pulls out her PDC and starts typing while going back to her cubicle. She looks more annoyed when she finds an unidentifiable bit of troubleshooter on her chair. She switches it with the chair from the cubicle next to her that was further from the explosion.

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Tuesday.


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