The Bot Murders

Turn 131

Did He Just Tell a BLUE to Bug Off?

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 4: Debriefing

Turn 131: Did He Just Tell a BLUE to Bug Off?

Dean-O, from inside the supply closet, exclaims, “I love prizes!! Come on!!!” He comes out of the closet and grabs Aken-R’s arm and starts to tug him toward the way out.

Phil-R says and does, “As soon as the image fades out Phil-R forgets about everything else going on around him and heads for the debriefing room.”

Isaac-O gets a smarmy look and, leaving Eula-R behind like so much roadkill on the Isaac-O highway, heads toward the exit.

Aken-R, not being moved by Dean-O in the slightest, takes a deep breath and addresses the now blank screen, “Well, that is very nice, Mr. Bill, but now is not a good time for us. We are a bit busy bringing a nice little old lady back to life. So if you don’t mind, JUST BUG OFF!” He shrugs Dean-O off easily and runs toward the supply closet, saying, “Remember what I said, Phil. She’d better be alive when I come back out!” He runs inside and slams the door behind him. The door then bounces (since it has no door knob anymore), and he shuts it more slowly so that it stays closed.

Suddenly, the recently vacated vidscreen blinks back into life, showing the face of Bill-B, which is rapidly turning INDIGO clearance, and flecks of foam are starting to appear at the corner of his mouth, “YOUHOW DARETROUBLESHOOTERS! TERMINATE!! WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:

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