The Bot Murders

Turn 130

Mutant Supply Closet?

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 130: Mutant Supply Closet?

Dean-O says from within the closet, “I can say that if anything exploded in here, anyone in here with it would probably hear it. Good thinking Aken-R!”

Howard-R, somehow completely ignoring the fact that a fellow citizen has just collapsed for no apparent reason right beside him, says “Very well, let’s go to lunch,” and starts typing into his PDC while everyone else is looking at the collapsed form of Eula-R.

Mr. Sock says, “Uh, oh my, she appears to have gotten overexcited again and fainted, poor thing, I think we should call a medbot for her, in fact I’ll do that now.” Phil-R says (and does), “Phi-R whips out his PDC and begins tapping furiously upon it.”

Aken-R stops in his tracks when he sees Eula-R motionless on the floor. “You know,” he says, “last time when I came out of the supply closet, I thought Eula was dead, Phil was on the floor next to her, and she revived. This time, I come out of the supply closet, thinking Eula is okay, and she appears to have expired, and Phil is standing next to her.” He then visibly has an idea. “Could it be that the supply closet gives me the super power to turn people on and off? Phil!” he hollers, trying to keep his excitement in check. “I am going into the supply closet, and when I come out, Eula-R had better be revived again!” And he runs back to where he came from.

Isaac-O exclaims at Phil-R, “Stand back from sweet Eula-R you hideous freak!” He crouches down to check Eula-R for life signs while continuing, “Maybe there’s some less harmful treason you could be getting on with in the supply closet with all the other traitors!” He then speaks to Eula-R, “Come on Eula, come towards the light, think of the fluffy wuffy rumtum tigger bots!”

Suddenly, Bill-B’s grinning face appears on the room’s wall-mounted monitor.

Hey, hey, hey, team! We’ve noticed that Isaac-O claims to have solved the mystery! So it looks like it’s time for…

A great fanfare issues from all the speakers in the room.

Deeeeebrrrrriefing!!! So report just as quick as you can to Briefing Room 42Q in Troubleshooter HQ. Hurry now, the quicker you get here, the BIGGER THE PRIIIIZZEEEEESSS!!!!

The fanfare reaches a climax and then fades away as Bill-B’s face fades out.

This concludes this episode of The Bot Murders. Tune in next time for Episode 4: Debriefing.

Perversity Points Totals:
  • Grov-R-LER (Dean-O-KTI-1): 65 PP
  • Phial (Isaac-O-MEL-2): 25 PP
  • Wys-I-wyg (Phil-R-XYZ-1): 50 PP
  • starlust (Howard-R-WST-2): 60 PP
  • Valen10 (Aken-R-BSH-2): 56 PP

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Monday.

Yes, that’s right, folks. I’m wrapping it up. After 2 years, I’m moving it on to debriefing.


FiredrakeMacFie FiredrakeMacFie

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