The Bot Murders

Turn 129


Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 129: BOOM!

Aken-R walks into the supply closet, leaving the door open and begins to look around.

Dean-O chuckles, “Hehehe… jiggers…,” and follows Aken-R into the closet.

Isaac-O looks at Dean-O and opens his mouth to say something, but just rolls his eyes at the ceiling instead. He addresses Howard-R and Phil-R, though the latter’s attention is being rather forcefully diverted elsewhere, “Speaking as the only ORANGE that isn’t the team leader. I’d appreciate it if you all addressed me as Sir when you are making any comment or statement that is meant for my hearing. As there has been some recent excitement due to me solving the crime I’ll overlook it in the case of everyone who is with me in reporting immediately to debriefing that the murders were committed by agents of the secret society the Frankenstien Destroyers. Everyone else is clearly a traitor and deserves whatever punishment Friend Computer see’s fit to apply. So who’s coming with me?”

Mr. Sock yelps, “Uh what? N-n-no it wasn’t me I found it over there I swear by dear FC that I did. Please do get a hold of yourself friend, I understand you are distressed but you are blindly accusing the wrong fellow. I am certain it was the dastardly handy work of that commie mutant traitor, he must have used some sort of mutant power.”

Eula-R moves her face closer to Phil-R’s face and hisses, “Don’t tell me I’m blindly accusing, you little…” She breaks off and pulls back slightly to get a better look at his face, “What… What are you…” She says softly and then suddenly goes limp and falls to the floor, eyes open and staring into nothingness.

Just as Eula-R falls, Aken-R shouts “BOOM!” suddenly from inside the closet, making everyone jump. He sticks his head out of the door and asks, “Did you hear that, team mates?”, and goes back inside the closet, closing the door this time. There is another shouted “BOOM!” and “Can you hear me now?” from inside the closet. He walks back out of the closet and explains, “Friend Eula did not report hearing anything from the supply closet at the time of Larry’s mishap. I wanted to find out if an explosive nail gun could have been used. You know, reproduce the circumstances of the crime, and all that.

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