The Bot Murders

Turn 128


Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 128: Gone!

Well!” says Aken-R, “But. No Lunch? But. Well!” He sits down in the chair of cubicle 2961-C (next to Eula-R’s cubicle). “I guess I better sit down here then, before I drop dead from hunger. I’ll just go read the case file without the benefit of thought-sustaining calories.” He begins reading his PDC, his lips moving as he reads.

Howard-R says “Having lunch is a good idea. People who are hungry don’t think as well. We can go over the evidence over lunch. Issac can tell us all about how he got so knowledgeable about bots. I would like a brochure as well.”

Mr. Sock says, “Well now that is done with, I sure could use some cold fun right about now.” Phil-R says (and does), “Phil-R smiles and pats at his belly.”

Dean-O says, “This mission has a very high priority, and shouldn’t be delayed for any reason. Remember that, Aken-R? You can get something from a vendbot if we pass one. I like vendbots…”

Issac-O shrugs his shoulders and says, “How many Jumbo Jackobot Jiggers of evidence will you need before you can see the obvious truth!? Quentin-R used his filthy unregistered mutant powers to attempt to cover up the evidence of the Frankie’s brutal murders and decommissioning of valuable bot resources. Who else would attempt to frame Copore Metal for a crime? Every cycle that ticks away lets the foul conspiracy eat away at the very fibre of Alpha Complex’s loyal servants. Anyone who isn’t for immediate reporting of the conclusive findings is obviously in league with the traitors who have already infiltrated the team.” He pauses to survey the team, fingering the hygiene kit’s strap. “I can see that the proper maintenance of hygiene isn’t yet at the top of some people’s agenda!” he says meaningfully.

Aken-R finishes reading and exclaims, “Sweet source code! This is not a murder, it is slaughter! Look at all these people! If we don’t eat until we solve the case, we’d better learn to be like friend Isaac, and start eating door knobs.” He looks up at Isaac-O, “Could you help friend Eula with her PDC? She seems to be having a problem with it.” He then mumbles something that sounds like “nailgun” and walks back to the supply closet.

Eula-R becomes increasingly distressed as she keeps poking at her PDC, ignoring the team for the moment. Her mumbles are becoming more audible, “Gone… gone… all gone… why is it all gone? Gone!” She stands up, points at Phil-R and advances on him like a… well, like a very angry little old lady. “You! What did you do to it!? Everything’s gone! You must’ve messed with it! I didn’t think of it before, but I still had it when that rude clone ran away! He couldn’t have taken it! You must’ve taken it while I was… when I fainted!” She grabs him by the front of his jumpsuit, “WHAT… DIDYOU… DO?!!”

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

Perversity Points Totals:
  • Grov-R-LER (Dean-O-KTI-1): 65 PP
  • Phial (Isaac-O-MEL-2): 33 – 10 + 2 = 25 PP
  • Wys-I-wyg (Phil-R-XYZ-1): 55 PP
  • starlust (Howard-R-WST-2): 61 PP
  • Valen10 (Aken-R-BSH-2): 55 + 1 = 56 PP
  • Open Slot (???): ?? PP

Have your turns to me before 1200 GMT (That’s 0800 EDT) Wednesday.


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