The Bot Murders

Turn 127

No Lunch For You!

Welcome Back, Loyal Vidshow-watching Citizens! And now back to our show.

Episode 3: Larry-R’s Lament

Turn 127: No Lunch For You!

Isaac-O says, “Well team leader? We appear to have completed our mission. All that remains to do is report formally to Friend Computer. Then perhaps we might get some sustenance.”

Howard-R says to Dean-O, “Perhaps, we also may be looking at a secret society war between PURGE and Frankenstein Destroyers against Corpore Metal. This could get even more nasty.” He turns to Issac saying “We have no evidence that it is the Frankenstein Destroyers framing Corpore Metal. It could be Corpore Metal framing Frankenstein Destroyer or it could be a secret society war or it could be PURGE framing either or both. It is far too early to end the investigation” He then pulls out his PDC and begins to type something into it.

Dean-O says, “Lunch sounds great, Aken-R, but we have to solve the case first. We don’t have enough evidence to support one theory over another yet. I know! We can eat lunch at debriefing!” He then puts away his pamphlet and magnifying glass, pulls out his PDC and begins to type something into it.

Aken-R pouts, “But we need time to read the case file anyway, and gather our thoughts on what we have learned so far. We might as well be chewing as we’re doing that. My stomach is growling, and I feel a bit weak in the head and faint in the knees…

Isaac-O looks frustrated, “Must I remind you of my superior processing capacity? Was it not I who continuously pointed out the obvious treason of Quentin-R? See where that reduntant software coding went! Just do exactly what I say and you can have all the glory!”

Phil-R says (and does), “Phil-R walks over to Eula-R and hands her the scorched PDC with a smile.” Mr. Sock says, “Here it is! I found it over where that traitor ran off, I’m afraid it seems to have been damaged in the fire however.”

Isaac-O asks Eula-R, “Oh can I have one of those brouchures too please?”

Eula-R says distractedly as she takes the PDC and starts to look at it, “Oh, yes, citizen, I have plenty.” She hands Isaac-O a brouchure, and frowns at her PDC, pushing buttons with a look of increasing desperation. She mumbles slightly under her breath.

We shall return to the PBEM Network’s presentation of The Bot Murders after these messages…

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